Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Favorites: Summer Break Edition!

Happy Friday!!!

As of this morning, I have 6 days left with students!  Oofta!  I love my job.  I really do!  But going to school in June...June just a tad painful.  We had 9 snow days which has led me to working until June 10th.  I enjoyed every minute of our snow days and am paying the price now.  It is supposed to be 85 today and without air conditioning and prepubescent 9 years olds, my classroom smells grand my 3pm.  You can almost smell it as you're reading this, can't you?!  ;-)

On to some Friday Favorites now that I put that awesome picture in your mind! Lol!

I am linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals today!

Our ski club friends become much like family as we spend every weekend with them!  These 4 had a play date before Memorial Day weekend since we didn't have our campers in yet.  This picture makes me sooo happy!  Some of my absolute best friends growing up were my ski club friends, and I love that my kids are going to have that too.
Due to Trynlee being in the hospital on Mother's Day, I got to plant my flowers the next weekend.  It was beautiful and our kids had a blast playing in the dirt and just being outside!  If you are local, I have had such good luck at Dew on the Roses greenhouse.
Power tool?!  So shocking that he loves it!
This gator has so so many miles on it!  We haven't really let the girls ride with Treyton but Gavin followed him around for a bit and let Trynlee ride.  She was in heaven!
Our favorite Californians came home for a long weekend and while we didn't get to spend a bunch of time with them, it sure was wonderful!
BEST PURCHASE EVER!!  If you have little kids and don't have a water table.  Stop reading right now.  Click on THIS link and get yourself one!  You will thank yourself later!  I can't explain how much our kids LOVE this thing!  
We have had a water table for several years but I couldn't find it to save my life so ended up ordering a new one.
So glad I did!  This one is a little bit bigger which allows all three of them room to play.  Taylor, especially, could stand and play at it for a long time.  She inevitably is drenched every single time but it entertains them for a long time!
Because when you're three, you apparently can't just smile for a picture!
It is now on our back deck and allows me to be in the kitchen and watch them play while I get supper going.  #hallelujah 
I'm afraid we are going to have to purchase a second one of these in the near future!
The weather was finally nice enough Memorial Day weekend, and we got to enjoy the river!  It was such a great couple of days getting to relax.  Treyton played in the sand most of the time, and the girls were just ecstatic to roam around...and eat watermelon.  Lots of watermelon!
Lunch with friends if our favorite!  If you're looking for a great kid's picnic table, HERE is the one we have at home.  It folds up flat and is sturdy.
Gavin's brother, Jamison, and his girlfriend, Payton, have lived with us for most of the school year.  While I was hesitant about the idea at first, as our house just seems so chaotic at times, it has been wonderful!  Their house is just about finished and they will be moving out in just a couple of weeks.  I have enjoyed having them around to chat with, extra sets of eyes and hands, late night games of Catan, and an extra lawn mower.  But while I will miss having them around, our kids are going to miss them more!  Our kids stand at the top of the stairs and wait for them in the morning and any other time they can hear them downstairs.
We went to check out their house the other night and their awesome yard.  Jamison has been telling Treyton for weeks that he has an awesome sandbox, and Treyton has really struggled to understand that it is just their entire yard.  He's got a much better idea of it now.
Taylor shockingly went straight for the puddle!
And Treyton threw rocks in the water!

Lucky for us, or them, they are only moving a couple of miles down the road so they won't be getting rid of us anytime soon!  I might be in the process of making a slumber party at their house sounding like a really fun idea for Treyton! :-)

Have a fantastic weekend, and I hope the weather is treating you well!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I'm Bacccckkk!!! May's Been a BIT Challenging!


May has been one heck of a month! It's been challenging (like really challenging) but we have been reminded over and over again about God's love for us.
I feel like this has been my motto for several weeks as we have been running on fumes!  I really thought that when we got to Spring we would be free of sickness.  But, I was wrong....really wrong!

I picked up Treyton Friday, May 3rd from daycare with a fever and it just went downhill from there!  He was rechecked for pneumonia but we were told that it was just viral. 
Trynlee and Taylor got it Tuesday and struggled for the next week and a half!
Thursday--Walk In Clinic--oxygen looked okay and likely viral
Friday--Urgent Care at 8:00pm for Taylor--steroid shot for Croup
Saturday--Walk In Clinic for Trynlee for rapid breathing and sent straight to the ER--Chest xray showed pneumonia and oxygen levels were low
This is how we celebrate Gavin's birthday! :-(
and Mother's Day!
Our city hospital doesn't admit children as young as Trynlee so we were transferred via ambulance to a larger hospital about 30 minutes away.  She stayed for one night at this same hospital for pneumonia in December.

You can read about that stay HERE.
From there, Tryn just really struggled with her breathing.  It was super fast and really labored.  She was put on heated, hi flow to help, but for two/three days, she just really didn't improve a ton.  They did additional lab work when we arrived and she tested positive for two different viruses.  The pediatrician said that the symptoms she was struggling with were likely from the Human Pneumovirus and explained it has been worse than RSV this year and symptoms last for several weeks.  They were very honest that if they felt she wasn't improving or they could no longer care for her, they would be transferring her to a larger hospital about 1.5 hours away.  By day 3, they began talking about that more and more as she was receiving as much support as they could offer her.  They also said that when most kids start to "turn the corner" it happened quickly!
Praise the Lord!  By Tuesday night, they felt she might handle less breathing support and began weaning it.  She was at 13L of pressure and 33% oxygen that night and was at 9L and 21% (room air) by morning.  God heard our prayers and answered them in BIG ways that night.
Gosh!  We've been blessed by our daycare providers in BIG BIG ways!
Over the next day she was able to be weaned off the rest of the breathing support and then maintained it on her own for 24 hours to get discharged!
Taylor, had been home this entire time, and was struggling as well.  We had taken her in one more time and were told to continue watching her.  Basically, she just wasn't struggling enough to be admitted. :-(  It broke my heart to not be able to be with her, too.
Did I mention that this entire Spring it has rained?!  Well, when Trynlee got sick, it was beautiful outside and was the first nice days for my dad and Gavin to be able to get in the field to plant.  This through a wrench into everything because he wasn't able to get our kids from daycare.  We were once again reminded how fortunate we are to be surrounded by family and friends as they held down the fort and took care of Treyton and Taylor.

We can't thank everyone for all of the thoughts, prayers, and help over the last couple of weeks!

I will be back on Friday with some Friday Favorites!!  Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Let's Look: Favorite #OOTD

Happy Wednesday!!

I am linking up today for Let's Look---What's Your Favorite #OOTD with Shay and Erika! That's outfit of the day for anyone that hasn't caught onto that lingo be honest, I had to Google it only a couple of months ago.  
We just got back some of our family pictures and while a particular 3 year old didn't cooperate very well, I did love our outfits so I thought I'd share those!  We actually did these pictures with Gavin's family so we coordinated pretty well with the big group.

We ended up planning the session pretty short notice so I felt a little limited on what I could find.  I turned to Old Navy thought and felt happy with what I was seeing.  I had found everything online at Old Navy but since the girls are in between sizes right now, I wanted to got to the store to actually see them.  When I got there, they didn't have anything I had originally picked out and our store has about zero toddler clothes so I had to dig.  I was also the crazy person laying everything out on the floor making sure I liked it together and sending pictures to my sister in laws to get their thoughts.
Treyton was also recovering from pneumonia so I feel like he looks a tad pale.  He was also uncooperative.  At one point, the 16 of us were lined up for a group shot and he was sitting four feet away in the grass.......  #why

I wore a simple gray dress.  You can't see it very well here but it is super comfy, and it will be a staple as my classroom warms up.  I wore my Toms Wedges that I adore.

Gavin wore the same jeans he has worn in every set of family pictures we've ever taken. ;-)  I also picked him up a navy button up that had "polka dots all over it".  He looked wonderful although I'm not sure he will choose to wear it often.
This was about as good as we got with the three of them.  It was also super windy and did a number on their fine hair.

Taylor had a super cute chambray dress on and brown sandals.
Trynlee has my favorite piece on--a striped romper.  I wish I could find one in my size.  She had the same brown sandals as Tay.
Treyton wore shorts from Target.  They're the Cat and Jack brand.  His shirt is old but I'm fairly certain it is from Carters, and his shoes are Toms.

I wasn't able to find either of the girls' outfits online any longer unfortunately!

I love when outfits pull together like this.  I may have to take them back out and see if I can get some smiles for Christmas cards.

If you'd like to blog next month, here is the topic! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Weekend Recap

This will be rather short and sweet!  Not because we didn't have a busy weekend, but because it involved a sick kid and a farming husband.  Therefore, I apparently didn't take many pictures!
Poor buddy wanted to be outside soo badly but his eyes couldn't lie that he didn't feel well.
I am SOOOO over this winter/spring weather swings and the sickness that has come with it.  I got the text from daycare around 1 on Friday letting me know that Treyton had a 102 degree fever and couldn't stop coughing.   Because he had pneumonia only three weeks ago, I called our pediatrician and they had us come in to check it out.  A finger prick and chest x-ray later, they think he has a virus.  (Which must be true, because several others at daycare also have it, including Trnylee.) We did take advantage of the nice weather that evening though.
Saturday morning included a bridal shower in town and Gavin heading to the farm bright and early.  Since it hasn't stopped raining and with rain in the forecast, they're starting to feel the pinch.  My mom came to watch our kiddos due to having a sick one, and taking all three of them to a bridal shower on my own sounds kind of painful. #nopictures

Treyton ended up going with my mom to the farm so he could ride in the tractor a bit.  The girls and I may have snagged a nap and then headed to a Cinco Day Mayo get together.  It was bizarre to only have the girls with me, although I still don't feel like I ever got to sit down.  Treyton wanted to go to bed at my parents and then come home with Gavin, but him and my mom showed up back at home around 9:00 because he wanted his mom. #mamasboy #onlywhenhessick  
Gavin rolled into the garage shortly after 1 and was back out the door around 7 Sunday morning.  Due to a returning fever, my mom came back and kept our kids, (Seriously, can't explain how blessed we are!) so that I could make it to our nephew's baptism.
Sunday afternoon called for lonnngg naps from all of our kiddos and then the rain came which brought Gavin home from the farm.  We grilled up some steaks and called it quits super early!
I'll be back tomorrow with a "Let's Talk" post!  Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Taylor and Trynlee: 18 Months

18 Months!
I know that it is super cliche to say that time has flown.....but it has!  I can still remember how scary their first couple of days were, how painfully slow our time in the NICU was, and that first day at home.  But as I spent some time today falling through a rabbit hole looking at pictures of them, I can truly say that so much of it is a blur!  It makes me kind of sad, as my babies are now toddlers, but so happy to watch them grow into lively, funny, happy little people.
Taylor continues to be an inch or so taller and a pound or so heavier.  Trynlee is just a petite little thing, although everyone would guess the opposite.
They are FUNNNYYY!!!  They both giggle and are starting to know when they are being funny.  They also are starting to throw fits.  Trynlee likes to throw herself on the floor and Taylor is beginning to throw things when she gets mad. I have a feeling that this next year is going to be loads of more ways than one. :-)

12-18 month stuff depending on the brand.  Typically small pants than tops.
Anything and everything!  They both love fruit, but Trynlee especially loves meat.

We certainly can't complain.  They both sleep religiously through the night and take 1-2 decent naps throughout the day. 
Taylor sleeps with her blankey and a paci.  (I need to just take it away but I'm a tad selfish with my own sleep.)
Trynlee has recently started wanting a blankey as well and also likes to take a sippy of water with her to bed.

Still rocking Size 3
SHOES--like obsessed!
Carrying clothes around and trying to put them on
Ball pit
High chairs (buckling)
Baby stroller
Push toys outside
Easter eggs
Being in the sandbox outside
Stroller rides
Stealing toys from each other and "running"
Trynlee got her first haircut on Easter weekend to try and shape up her mullet a little bit.  I'm happy to report that it looks a tad better!  Phew!
Taylor's hair is getting really long in the front and has to be in a pony or it is in her eyes.  She also has some curls in the back by her neck, which I have no idea where they have come from.
Taylor: no, mama, Daddy, Mya, puppy, ball, shoes, eyes, blankby (blankey), more, paci, seat, and will mimic just about anything.
Trynlee: no, Mya, mama, daaa, eyes, shoes, noes, seat, drink, Tay Tay, and likes to yell/grunt more than anything.

We love you baby girls and are so so blessed to get to be your parents!