Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

I am linking up today for WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY with Shay and Sheaffer.
I am currently involved in Kara Swanson's 4 Week Spring Challenge that includes her Spring Meal plan.  You can find her on Instagram or Facebook.  Her website is  
This week we're eating--
Lemon Garlic Chicken
Shrimp Veggie Tacos
Honey Mustard Bacon & Avocado Salad
Bruschetta Chicken
Burger Casserole
Strawberry Avocado Chicken Salad

I was needing some "light" summer meals that I could grill with and this meal plan has done the trick.  Not only have I really liked the structure, but she also provides a grocery list.  I simply sat down with the list and ordered my groceries online from HyVee!  Simple is my go-to!

This past weekend!  I have a final Easter recap coming later tomorrow but I just love holidays with our families!  We got to be will all three sets of our parents over the weekend and family time is the best time!
Everyone in this picture was very reluctant to take it but I like to be in a picture every once in a blue moon.
Getting to do some new traditions with Treyton...and him actually enjoy them...has been so much fun!
All the Easter egg hunts!
And the fantastic weather that allowed us to be outside most of the weekend.  Hallelujah!

This spring weather!!  We have been outside a ton and my kids have gone to bed wonderfully.  
Last week was all things Easter and this week is the beginning of planting season for Gavin.  He has been at the farm quite a bit getting things ready to go.  Planting season is hard for Treyton because he can't as easily go help like he can with harvest due to the chemicals and lots of getting in and out of equipment.  I am hoping that his sandbox and the nice weather will help keep him occupied at home without Daddy being home much in the next couple of weeks.
Gavin sent me this picture tonight as they were burning the CRP so I could show Treyton what they were doing.  I always pray the next picture doesn't involve the fire department.

We missed nine days of school due to our brutal winter so my students are going to school until June 7th and I have to go back June 10th.  We were supposed to be out in May and I know that that last week in June is going to be slightly miserable.

I have to do some state testing with my students individually on Thursday so I am working on my sub plans for that day.  I like to get my next week planned out as well so I will be working on those today as well.

I'll be perfectly honest---I'm really excited for summer! I feel like it is right around the corner and this warmer weather really has me itching to be at the river, camping, and spending all day with my kiddos.  I love my job, don't get me wrong, but I REALLY love summer!
I'm slowly working my way through Kristan Higgins's Now That You Mention It.  I have really liked it.  I just fall asleep within seconds of turning on my Kindle every night so it has been taking me forever.
My windows are open as I'm typing this and hearing the birds outside and the frogs down at the pond is so lovely!!
I have finally got to break out some of my Spring clothes and put away all of my sweaters and winter clothes.  It has been a very welcomed change!

Have a great Wednesday!!  I'll be back tomorrow with the last part of our Easter weekend!  

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Easter--Part 2

We kicked off out family Easter celebrations with Gavin's mom and step-dad on Friday night.  We have 9 grandkids 5 and under.  They love being with each other 95% of the time and generally play really well together.  It's a tad chaotic to say the least!
With the lens I had on my camera in the basement, I couldn't get far enough away to fit everyone in one picture...nor would they sit close enough together for long enough to actually get them all at once.  The two three year old boys on each end prove to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to pictures.
We will have to recreate this some day!
Grandma Carol and Taylor checking out the loot from all of the Easter eggs.
Trynlee wanted to wear a pair of bunny ears.
The slinkies were hot commodities. 
Taylor figured out the egg hunt really quickly!  (and lost interest rather quickly as well!  Lol)
All of the big kids wanted to open the eggs as they went.
Tay was so excited just to carry the bucket around.
A cupcake full of M&Ms that my mom won't let me eat. :-)
Searching high and low!

Ker and Ely watching the chaos!
Serious business...that Rottink tongue is proof that his mind is working!
Oh Ely!  Such a happy little dude!
I mean, that's one way to drive a car.... Grandma's playroom is the best!
Emree, who is 5, definitely was the most competitive at the egg hunt and really understood the importance of going quickly before opening her eggs!!
Kayson and Klay
And Miss Elin didn't do too poorly either!

We had such a great night and were reminded once again of how blessed we are to be surrounded by our family.  We are also sooo fortunate to live near {right next door} to Gavin's brother which allows  our kids to grow up with each other.  They will be forever grateful to have built in besties!  Gavin's other brother, Collin, and his family don't live that far away either and our boys LOVE spending time together...and getting dirty. :-)

Monday, April 22, 2019

Weekend Recap--Easter Part 1

Whoa!  Weekends like this one are a quick reminder of how blessed we are.  Not only did we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave, but we celebrated it over and over with our families for three straight days!  I'm always afraid that our kids get side tracked with the candy and the Easter Bunny, which they definitely do, but when I asked Treyton why we were celebrating, he told me Jesus had risen.  #hallelujah #parentingwin

Today's post is going to focus on Wednesday-Thursday!  I'll get to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in a post later this week.

First up, dying Easter eggs!  I had planned on doing them earlier in the week but when Treyton came down with pneumonia, we were just hoping to get them in before the weekend.  He started doing a bit better on Wednesday, so we tackled them that night. 

The girls each got to do one egg before they just got a snack!
This egg may or may not have ended up on the floor.
So exciting!

Final product!!
I can't brag about our daycare enough!  Not only do our kids absolutely love them.  They do preschool activities, spread God's word, and then do fantastic photo shoots like this.
Treyton still wasn't feeling 100% so wasn't thrilled with a photo shoot.
But, I mean.....sooo good!

My heart!
I'm fairly certain they told him Gavin had a pickle on his head or something along those lines to get him to laugh!
And the two cutest bunnies around!

I'll be back tomorrow with more family celebrations!  My plan was to include one of those in this post but it took our internet all NIGHT to get the pictures uploaded.  Hope your week gets off to a great start!