Sunday, January 31, 2016

Love for your Daddy

Oh Treyton Lee!

I can't quite explain the love you have for your daddy!  Its unexplainable...

The way your eyes light up when he enters the room...

The way you smile when he lays on the floor to play with you...

The way that you look to find him when he is talking...

The way that you will snuggle in to take a nap with him.  Even though you really don't like his "Daddy Hugs" that he tries to give you every day.

The way you will watch him work down in the shop and be completely content for over an hour...

But what is even more special is how much your daddy loves you.  He likes to rub it in how he gets to spend Monday and Wednesdays with you while I have to go to work.  He doesn't hesitate to get up in the middle of the night to give you your paci even though he is quite the stickler when it comes to your sleeping.   You will soon find out, too, that his sleep is sacred, and he is pretty good at it.  

He will skip a night of pool with the guys to stay home if he hasn't seen you, and you should feel extra special because he doesn't do that for me. :-)  

Your daddy loves to take you down in the shop to play with the dogs and the cats and for rides in your truck.  I've even caught him letting the dogs and cats lick your head.  

 My heart swells when I hear the two of you chatting it up during bath time, playing on the floor, or simply getting your diaper changed!  I am so excited to watch your guys' bond and relationship grow over the years because I know its going to be a special one.

Friday, January 22, 2016


This post is out of order but I wanted to make sure to get the pictures uploaded so that I had them.  Let's be real, his baby book is still in the packaging so this is going to serve as that! :-)

We had Treyton baptized at Orchard Hill, where we got married.  Doug did our wedding and also baptized Treyton so it was a little more special for us.

On November 1st, 2015, our closest family and friends gathered with us to watch Treyton be baptized in front of 500 or so people in the Community Center.  He did great!  In true Treyton fashion, he showed little to no facial expressions other than looking shocked.

Treyton wore the same outfit that his Grandpa Brad and Daddy wore!

My amazingly talented cousin, Aubrey, was back for Aunt Tiff's wedding and agreed to make his cake!  So special and so awesome!

Treyton Lee--Month 5

It is hard to imagine that so much has happened in the last 5 months!  There are days that being in labor seems like it was yesterday and other days that I can hardly remember it.  There are so many milestones that Treyton has already met and so many that he is getting so close to.  Having an infant brings a whole new meaning to the saying "don't blink or it will pass you by."

5 Months
January 10th, 2016

That smile just melts this Mama's heart!

Playing Peek-a-Boo
Riding in his red car from Grandma and Grandpa Kuecker
Being laid in his crib to fall asleep
Bouncing in his jumper
The cats (Eeny, Meany, Miny, and Mo) and dogs
Cereal, carrots, and sweet potatoes

Green beans and peas
Not being able to see someone
Sitting still
Being help when tired

Started cereal and baby food
Not a fan of green veggies
Still 4oz bottles with a random 6oz one here and there

Getting back to regularly sleeping through the night without waking up
Still wake up once most nights and want pacifier

Clothes & Diapers
Size 2 diapers
3-6 & 6 month clothes

Odds & Ends
Babble/yell all day long!
Have the most adorable belly laugh
Would much rather stand than sit
So close to rolling from back to belly

His head starts by the giraffe and he slowly turns himself in a circle all night long!

When you spit up on four outfits throughout the day, we roll without clothes a lot of nights.

The littles!

And all five crazy cousins!  T looks like a giant in this picture!

This is what happens when Dad is in charge!

Ugh!  I wish he would sleep on me like this forever!

Presents from Mom and Dad!

Grandpa got me my first camo hat!

Shaved his mullet off! First haircut!

After all of our Christmases, he thought he needed to be held all day long.

New Years Eve with the Breitbach boys
Bo, Blair, Treyton

#Truth :-)

Sleeping in on the weekends is overrated! 5:45 on a Saturday morning!

Getting the hang of this sitting thing

First time swimming and loved it!

First bites of cereal

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Your First Christmas!

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.  Giving gifts is by far one of my favorite traditions and I could literally do it every day of the year if my wallet could keep up.  Having a child for Christmas brings about a whole new joy.  

Treyton had absolutely no idea what was going on.  He wasn't even quite old enough to love the paper or the boxes but boy did he have plenty with his name on them.  The true meaning of the season is also so near and dear to my heart.  I can't wait for Treyton to begin to understand the importance and miracle of this holiday.

We tend to have lots of Christmases and Little Man was certainly overstimulated by the end of them but the time and memories created with family is so special.

To add to the miracle of Christmas, it snowed a pretty decent amount on Christmas Eve to make it even a little more special!