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This post is out of order but I wanted to make sure to get the pictures uploaded so that I had them.  Let's be real, his baby book is still in the packaging so this is going to serve as that! :-)

We had Treyton baptized at Orchard Hill, where we got married.  Doug did our wedding and also baptized Treyton so it was a little more special for us.

On November 1st, 2015, our closest family and friends gathered with us to watch Treyton be baptized in front of 500 or so people in the Community Center.  He did great!  In true Treyton fashion, he showed little to no facial expressions other than looking shocked.

Treyton wore the same outfit that his Grandpa Brad and Daddy wore!

My amazingly talented cousin, Aubrey, was back for Aunt Tiff's wedding and agreed to make his cake!  So special and so awesome!

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