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I prayed every day that I would get to meet this miracle baby.  I didn't exactly love being pregnant and certainly didn't love every part of my pregnant body but I was beyond blessed and thankful that I was getting the opportunity to experience every part of it.

Here are some pictures as Baby Steege grew!  I wasn't great at doing them every 4 weeks but snapped some along the way!  My scar just made things a little more interesting! :-)

In Minneapolis the night before we flew to Antigua!  We had found out three days prior that we were pregnant!

New Years Eve in Antigua! Vomited for the first time on our flight home from our wonderful honeymoon, in the Miami Airport.  Let the morning/all-day-long sickness begin!

8 Weeks!  I'm not sure my body will ever look like that again!  At this point, I was vomiting almost all day long!

12 Weeks!  The day of our awful scare!

13.5 weeks in Cabo!

14 weeks in Cabo!

 16 Weeks!

 17 Weeks!

 18 Weeks!

 20 Week Ultrasound! So in love!  We made sure to take a close look at your heart.  It has 4 chambers and appears to be on the correct side of your body!

22 Weeks!

How awesome does my scare look here? :-/

24 Weeks!

25 Weeks!

27 Weeks!

31 Weeks!

32 Weeks!  Graduated with my Master of Education from Viterbo University!

Doug and Anne's Wedding on July 11th!  32 Weeks!

33 Weeks!

34 Weeks!

Outfits all washed up for Baby Steege!  What will he/she be?!

35 Weeks!  Ready for my Niewoehner Baby Shower!

 36 Weeks!

36 Weeks and 2 Days.  At the hospital because I thought my water possibly broke and was having contractions about 8-9 minutes apart.  False alarm!

 At my baby shower on August 8th.  I was having regular contractions while opening gifts and wasn't feeling very well.  After the shower, I went down to Ski Club and downloaded a contraction app on my phone.  It told me to go to the hospital several different times.

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