Newborn Pictures

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I was soooo excited to take these newborn pictures.  To capture how little he was because I knew all too soon I would forget how little he really was.  To say the least, they were stressful.  Like beyond stressful. He hates, loathes, being cold at this point so the whole taking off his clothes and diaper didn't go over well.  In addition to being torked off, he peed on just about everything.

Beth was still able to capture some great photos and I can't thank her enough.  We will forever cherish these memories.

Wasn't a fan of laying naked next to Mr. Elephant. 

Look at that little smile!

The first 15 minutes went pretty smoothly.  The last hour included lots of calming, quickly unswaddling, pulling of the pacifier, and quick snapshots!

Beth A. Hekteon is one talented photographer!

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