Treyton Lee--Month 1

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Our first month at home with Treyton was nothing short of amazing!  We got the hang of things pretty quickly and fell more in love with our little one each and every day!

 I've had enough, Mom!

Gavin was super busy with work so he was gone pretty much all day every day but was AMAZING when he was home.  There is no lie that Treyton loves his daddy!  Their favorite thing to do together was nap! Does that surprise anyone?!

At our 2 day appointment, Treyton was weighing in at a whopping 6lbs. 1oz.  They weren't concerned as he hasn't lost anymore since we left the hospital.  They did explain that this could cause him to be hungry more often as he didn't have any fat supplies to get him by.  This couldn't have been more true!  Boy did he let us know when he was hungry--very loudly.  It was more of a blood curdling scream!

Being snuggled and swaddled
Bath Time
Tummy Time---He more or less just falls asleep
Being held!

Being Cold--also brings on the blood curdling scream
Getting his diaper changed
Getting out of the bath and being lotioned up

Every 2-3 hours during the day and at night
Nursing with the nipple shield and not a chance without it

Around 2-3 hours at night
Most of the day
We're lucky to see his eyes for more than 45-60 minutes a day

Clothes & Diapers
Newborn clothes are still pretty big
Newborn diapers fit perfectly

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