Treyton Lee--Month 3

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Happy 3 Months Baby Boy!  We love you to the moon and back!

Mom has gone back to work and doesn't exactly love having to spend the day away from you.  You are in great hands though.  Grandma Carol has you Monday and Wednesdays.  Daddy is typically in the office part of the day and he likes to remind me that he gets to see you during the day while I am away.  Great Grandma and Grandpa Debban have you Tuesday and Thursdays, and I know you get spoiled rotten when you are there.  You absolutely love Grandpa Debban and love to grab his beard.  Aunt Jen has you on Fridays and you get to play with Lyvia in the afternoons.  I'm not sure who holds you more, Grandma Debban or Jen?!

November 10th, 2015

Bath time
Laying on the floor to kick
Taking to your daddy
Being naked
Being outside
Walks with Bo and Blair

Getting nose sucked out with the Nose Frida
Getting your face wiped
Being hungry
Not moving while in your car seat

~4oz 6 times a day
3 bottles during the day while Mom is at work
Lost the nipple shield at Aunt Tiff's wedding and began nursing like a rockstar without it finally at 12 weeks!

7pm to 6am
Began sleep training at 10 weeks!  The first night, you cried for 12 minutes and the second for only 4!
You occasionally wake up and we are mean and make you cry it out

Clothes & Diapers
Size 1 Diapers
3 month clothes

Odds & Ends
Rolled over on Oct. 17th at Breitbach's watching the Iowa game from tummy to back
Suck on your hands at night
Super smiley
Drooling like crazy
Had your first cold :-(  Mom got one from her kiddos at work and unfortunately passed it along to you.  Nothing that some good ole breastmilk can't cure!

Sleeping on Grandpa Dennis!

Went for a run with Mom when it was 28 degrees out!

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Hanging out with Blair and watching the Hawkeyes win!

Took Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Calvin supper in the field

Emree was in heaven!

Love sleeping on your tummy!

Watching football with Dad

Your Daddy is the only one that can make you smile on command!

Mom uses your nap time to the fullest to get a workout in!

Daddy's Wingman baked with Mom!

Happy Boy!

One of our last walks with the Breitbachs before Mom had to go back to work.

Halloween costume!

I'd cry if they made me suck on a Husker paci, too!

Sitting in your bumbo for the first time

Bath with a little extra help!

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