Treyton Lee--Month 6

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Happy Half Birthday, Baby Boy!  You are developing quite the personality and while it is bitter sweet that you are getting so big, it is so much fun to watch you learn new things on a daily basis.

Jumping in the Jumperoo
Pulling hair
Watching football or basketball with Dad
Mom :-)
Bath!  You can hardly contain your excitement when we walk into the bathroom at the end of the day and you know you're going to get a bath.
Being naked

Tummy time!  It last about 5 seconds tops before you roll to your back.
The Nose Frida
No one talking or playing with you
Long naps
Getting dressed

You eat like a champ. You certainly take after your dad in this category.  He even encourages your dislike of peas.
Love all foods that are orange.
Moved up to the second step of baby foods
Want anything that Mom is eating and yell when you don't get it
Started eating puffs
Prefer solid foods over baby food
Throw your spoons on the floor approximately 40 times while eating

Typically sleep from 7pm to 6am
Mom gives in and gives your your pacifier every once in a while at night
Wake up super slow like your dad

Clothes & Diapers
 3-6 & 6 month clothes
3 Month Swim Trunks
Size 2 Diapers

Odds & Ends
Pretty much sitting on your own
Began swim lessons at the W. You love the water, even when Mom dunks you!
Grab your feet and watch your hands move
The red crab is your favorite bath toy.
Chew on your pacifier more than you suck on it
Always chewing on your fingers
Spit up champion :-(
Super ticklish
Belly laughing/screeching

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