Treyton Lee--Month 7

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Our babe turned 7 months old on March 10th!  He is learning something new every single day and it is soo much fun to watch and be a part of.  We are definitely worn out by the end of the day due his constant want to move!  We have been teased with some warm weather which makes me look forward to summer that much more!

Getting his monthly pictures are becoming a little more difficult! :-)

-going outside
-puppies & kitties

-getting dressed after bath
-going down for naps
-snuggling :-(

-Nurses 3 times a day and takes 3 bottles (4oz-6oz) at daycare
-Loves just about any baby food
-Does not like apples!
-Wants to eat anything that Mom is eating
-Beginning to eat table food, especially at supper time

-Taking three 45 minute to hour and a half long naps. Dr. Rathe told us he should start stretching these out longer but it doesn't seem to be happening.  T doesn't like missing out on anything!
-Consistently 7:30pm to 6:00am
-Sleeps in his side most of the night
-Scoots in almost two full circles each night in his crib

Clothes & Diapers
6 month sleepers
6-9 month clothes
Size 3 diapers

Odds & Ends
-Sitting completely on own
-Standing and walking with support
-ALWAYS on the move
-Continued swim lessons at The W and got dunked several different times

And as always, a little photo dump of the month!

Happy Valentine's Day!  His shirt said "Campus Hunk."

Loves, loves, loves to jump!

Our puppies!!

Ranger ride with Dad!

Jumped himself right to sleep with Grandma Carol!

Who put who to sleep?

All ready for swim lessons

Loves giving Lyvia hugs

All ready for church

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