Treyton Lee--Month 9

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Treyton Lee,
I thank God each and every day that he chose me to be your Mommy.  You are my whole world, alongside your daddy of course.  I can't wait for you to wake up in the morning and part of me is sad when you go to bed at night.  I say part of me because you are constantly on the move and I'm exhausted by the end of the day.  I could say in bed and just watch you sleep on the monitor.  Daddy and I love every minute of watching you grow.  We were told at your last doctor's appointment that the next couple of months would be so much more fun and I remember thinking that wouldn't be possible.  Boy was I wrong!  You certainly keep us on our toes, constantly smile, and are showing us you're going to have some attitude.

Getting pictures were more difficult than ever as you crawled away from me as soon as I sat you down.  The only thing that got you to sit still was my lens cover.


-Being outside
-Riding on anything with a motor: the mower, ranger, fork lift, in the truck)
-Being outside
-Any type of ball
-Walking behind things, around furniture, or with anyone that will lend a hand
-Watching Wheel of Fortune
-Food from Mommy or Daddy's plate
-Rajah and the kitty, Meany
-Sitting on the shower floor

-Being confined in the high chair or jumper when Mommy needs to get something done
-Getting your nose wiped or sucked out
-Sitting still

-Anything that Mommy or Daddy is eating
-Beginning to reject baby food
-Eat oatmeal with Mommy for breakfast
-Love Greek yogurt
-Will NOT put food into your own mouth and scream if someone else won't do it for you
-Throw/wipe all food from your tray onto the floor or drop it to Rajah
-Always want a drink out of Daddy's Yeti
-Taking 5 bottles or nursing during the day
-Eating breakfast, lunch, and supper

-Terrible napper!
-Generally take three 30-45 minute naps but sometimes refuse to nap at all
-You've taken a couple of two to three hours naps in the last couple of days
-Consistently sleep through the night
-Stand up and hit the railing when you wake up
-Had to move your camera to the wall after you threw in on the floor after several naps
-Have shad several bruises on your head due to rolling or falling into the side of your crib
-Won't sleep through the night without your Halo Sleepsack

Clothes & Diapers
-Size 3 diapers
-6-9 & 9 month clothes
-Size 3 shoes

Odds & Ends
-So so smiley!
-Give open mouthed, sloppy kisses that often turn into a bite
-Pull yourself up on anything, including the dog
-Walk behind or next to anything
-Stand on your own
-Have taken several, out of control steps on your own
-Crawl like a champ
-Get told "no" all day long as you constantly are trying to touch and get into things you shouldn't
-Will sign "All done" and then spit
-Have become quite the Daddy's boy, especially when you think he will give you a ride on something
-Got your second tooth--bottom right

First actual haircut

That smile just melts this mama's heart

Slick Rick after bath

Sunday morning snuggles

Wearing red for Jace!  We love and miss you buddy!

Your favorite time of the day!  Playing after your bath and before bed!

You thought it was fun to wake up from nap or in the middle of the night and throw your camera on the floor.  Had to be moved to the wall!

Right before your first haircut!

Slow down, Baby Boy!  We love watching you grow and are having more and more fun but you are just getting too big!

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