1 Week Old!

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1 Week Old---32 Weeks 1 Day
3lb 2oz

This week has been one of the hardest of my life.  The NICU leaves me on a this crazy-fast, roller coaster of emotions.

Are they doing well?  Are they going to be alright?  Is that normal?  
All of which the doctors and nurses give me a roundabout answer as they aren't ever completely sure either.

Where should I be? At home with Treyton?  Should they come here?  Should I stay at the hospital or at home?  Am I doing good for any of my children?  It's just been such a mind game.  I can say though that days 4 and 5 were my hardest emotionally.  I cried at anything and everything or absolutely nothing.  I am sure I will have more of these day but as things are pretty stable and headed in the right direction for the girls, I am feeling a little more stable myself. :-)

Day 1-3
Taylor came off of the C-Pap on Saturday and Trynlee came off on Sunday.  At this point they were still in two separate rooms and I asked to be discharged a day early so they would move Trynlee into the same room.  In reality, the only thing they were doing for me is giving me pain meds and it was generally late.  Having both of them in the same room was such a good feeling.

We also got to hold both of them on Saturday.  I held Taylor and Gavin held Trynlee.

Big Brother came Friday and was a tad out of control but on Sunday he was pretty excited to look at his sisters.

 Our first family picture of 5!

The girls got to lay next to each other for the first time on day 3 as well and both were SO relaxed!

Days 4-7
In the next couple of days, Trynlee's IV went bad several times and they ended up leaving it out.  This meant she couldn't get IV nutrition so they increased her feeds relatively fast.  She tolerated them fairly well thankfully!  PTL!

Both of them began receiving fortified milk and neither of them tolerated it well so they ended up going back and forth and on and off of the fortifier for a several days.  By Friday morning, day 7, Trynlee is handling okay and Taylor has been taken off of it again for a day.  We will see....

Taylor still has her a line through her belly button which allows her to get IV nutrition, TPN and Lipids.  It also means she hasn't been able to be swaddled as the nurses have to be able to see that line.



Trynlee got her first bath on day 7!  She was less than impressed, but our little girly stunk like breast milk and was in need!

Our sweet nurses got her all dressed and picked her out a hat.  Gavin wasn't thrilled about the flower. ;-)

At the end of their first week, they are doing as good as can be expected.  Their tolerance to feedings has me the most worried but it doesn't sound like this is uncommon for babies their age.  They also have a head scan scheduled for tomorrow morning to look for brain bleeds.  For any babies born under 32 weeks or under 1,500 g, I am told this is routine.  Either way, I'm a tad nervous!

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