Let's Look--Our Pantry

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Today, I am linking up with a couple of my favorite bloggers, Shay at Mix and Match Mama and Erika at A Little Bit Of Everything.  Each month, they take a look at some thing special.  I will add their monthly list at the bottom of this blog post.
 This month---YOUR PANTRY!

So--COME ON IN--and take a look at our pantry!

When we were designing our house, I will admit that our pantry was one space that we didn't totally agree on.  Not necessarily the shape or space, but rather the door into our pantry.  Gavin had always wanted a "hidden" pantry, one that just looks like a cabinet in the kitchen.  I, on the other hand, wanted a rustic door that was part glass or even some type of barn door.  

I lost that decision.

And I couldn't be happier that I lost.  (Gavin rarely reads this--I'd never admit this to him! ;-) Lol!)

There is a reason that he is a general contractor, that works with home owners designing their houses, every day, and I am an elementary teacher. ;-)

See those two "cabinet doors" to the left of our fridge?  
That is actually our pantry!
When you open them both up, this is what you see!  We have a standing deep freeze in there, and it has been wonderful.  Instead of having to run to the basement or out to the garage, all of our frozen stuff is right there!
I have a very love hate relationship with this space.  It holds A LOT, which I am SUPER grateful for.  It however can be the catch all for anything that needs to be hidden or I can't find a space for.
I typically store all of our canned goods down on the open drawers below but this is seriously the girls' FAVORITE place to play.  Those cans were their favorite thing to carry around, and after Trynlee dropped one on her toe, they have all been moved.
 I really want to visit the Container store and come up with some better organization on all of the shelves and drawers but it all works for now.
The drawers were once very organized and everything had its place, but Taylor and Trynlee pull just about every thing out of the drawers every single night and then put it all back on their own.  I'm thankful that they put it all back for the most part and have just decided to let the neatly organized drawers go.  They do however always keep their snacks on that bottom left drawer! Ha!
 Our Dyson Stick hangs right inside the doors in its charger.  That thing is quite possibly my favorite household item.  It you don't have one, you should.  And if you need a gift for someone special in your life, click HERE!
 As I was taking pictures, Taylor found where I stored all of the plastic grocery bags and it quickly turned into a mess.
 I could take a picture like this almost nightly.  They all play in there.  Shut themselves or each other in. Giggle.  It's easy entertainment and makes getting supper started just a little bit easier each night.
 The bag situation quickly turned out of control.  And made me realize once again that I need to buy reusable bags.
 Treyton then carried the little trash can (just where I keep shoving them) out to the living room where they continued to pull them out and then put them back in.
 One of my absolute favorite things about our pantry, though, is that I can shut the doors whether is it neatly organized or not and for the most part, no one ever sees it!
There you have it!  

A peek inside our pantry!  If you have any great organizing hacks, please let me know!!

Next month will be about your favorite Outfit Of The Day if you'd like to join!

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  1. Love the space you have in your pantry! And that cabinet front is great! We are in the process of remodeling and I am back and forth about the style of door 🤔


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