3 Weeks

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I gave up on trying to update daily but instead am going to try and do it at the end of each week!  I'll be lucky if that gets done here at the hospital let alone once we get home. 

3 Weeks Old
November 24th, 2017
34 Weeks + 1 Day

Taylor Marie
3lb 14oz

Just to see how little they actually are. ;-)

Trynlee Lynn
4lb 1oz

And both of them together

And here are some pictures from the week!
Trynlee-Left  Taylor-Right

Trynlee has a birth mark on her hand and another one on her right shoulder.

Nana held Trynlee for the first time.

Daddy and Trynlee


Taylor-left  Trynlee-right

Apparently I didn't save enough pictures of Taylor from Snapchat this week. :-/
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