Baby Girls Think They Need to Come Early!

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First off, I have been the stereotypical mom of her second our case second and third.  I think I have one belly picture at 30 weeks of these little nuggets.  Part of it is that I have always been nervous to get excited and didn't want to jinx anything.  Shame on me for being afraid!

30 Weeks!

At 30 weeks 4 days, I started having contractions that were somewhat uncomfortable.  On Monday at school, I called the doctors office and asked what I should do.  They said since they weren't painful or regular to just keep an eye out for them and wait to be seen at my appointment on Wednesday.  After taking Gavin supper in the field Monday night, I just wasn't comfortable with how I hadn't gotten them to go away and called back to Labor and Delivery and asked what they thought.  They told me to come on in to be evaluated.

Upon getting to the triage room, I felt dumb because I wasn't really having any more contractions.  That quickly changed though and I was having them 4-5 minutes apart.  Dr. H decided to check me and her exact words were, "You're going to be here a while and will most likely being having these babies early.  I hope to get you 48 more hours."  Cue the instant tears and panic emotions.  This couldn't be happening, I am only 30 weeks!  She found that I was 2-3 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced. 

I called Gavin immediately to tell him that he should probably come to the hospital.  My mom had followed me from the field and gotten Treyton to bed and planned on staying with him.  He had to get himself out of the combine and to his truck, and therefore they didn't finish Harvest 2017 that night.  Oops!

They got me admitted and the whirlwind of events started taking place.  First was meds to get my contractions to stop and steroids to help the girls' lungs develop.  Then the NICU nurses came in to see if we had any questions.  My biggest question was "Are they going to be okay?"  I was told that at 30 weeks they do very well and since they are both girls they will do even better.  It was just going to be crucial to make it 48 hours so the steroids had a chance to work their magic.

Tuesday came along and everything seemed fairly calm.  I had contractions almost immediately though when the meds started wearing off so they began giving me them every 4 hours instead of 6 hours.  Sometimes the doctors would have the nurses give them at 3 hours because of the frequency in which I would start to have them.

I also had several different, 3 to be exact, ultrasounds on Tuesday to see how they were doing and how much fluid they still had.  I was supposed to have a Non Stress Test as well but the nurses couldn't for the lives of them find both heart beats and keep them on the monitors.  This led to a bedside ultrasound by Dr. W in which their positions were much different than what my earlier ultrasound had showed.  She then ordered another ultrasound which found that Baby B had flipped and was now breech.  Since she is the bigger baby this also changed the plan to needed a c section. 

After more contractions, Dr. W decided to check me again and found that I had progressed to 5 cm.  This resulted in the neo-natologist coming in to visit along with the NICU nurses to see what other questions we now had.  I once again had to call Gavin to tell him he should probably get here in case I would be delivering soon.  Treyton and him were just finishing up trick or treating and enjoying themselves some McDonalds so they made their way to the hospital to see me and then my Mom came and got Treyton.

Tuesday night was full of contractions which landed me hooked up to the monitor in the rock hard bed for most of the night.  Dr. W then checked me again in the morning but I had actually stayed the same at 5cm which was good news.

We chatted with Dr. W Wednesday morning and decided that is was most likely safe for him to go to work and he could still make any delivery that may happen.  I think we are just going to plan on that for now.  I would really like him to be staying at home with Treyton so that he has some sort of normalcy.  The nurses once again struggled to do the NST which resulted in another ultrasound.

Baby A continues to be head down and moves all of the time.  Baby B is Frank Breech which is head up and her feet right in front of her face.  She is definitely the calmer of the two most of the time.  Baby B is also the bigger of the two babies which requires a c section.  This isn't how I would like it to play out but anything to just get them here safely and healthy will be great.

So....I sit here waiting for the 48 hours of steroids to get here.  That will be tonight around 10:00.  There has been talk of taking me off of the meds that stop my contractions once that happens though which could be interesting.

I pray that they stay in cooking a little bit longer!
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