Day of Life 18

by Gavin and Kylie Plus 4, 6:02 PM
Monday, November 20th

Today has been a rough day.

I didn't get up and pump when I should have last night.  This is generally when I call the girls' nurse and check in in the middle of the night.  This should have been my first sign that things were going to be a little rocky.  Instead, I walked into their room after dropping Treyton off at daycare to hear they had been "naughty".  This is generally how the nurses refer to the preemie babies having apnea episodes, or Brady's.

Taylor, up until getting off of her caffeine, had had zero.  Trynlee had maybe one a day but always self corrected.  Last night, Taylor had three that she self corrected with.  And....Trynlee had two in which she needed stimulation to come out of. 

My heart dropped.

Yesterday was such a good day.  They both ate well.  Trynlee took several half feedings while nursing and Taylor latched on and actually ate for the first time for six minutes.

The team came in for rounds and we talked about several things.  They breathing issues and Trynlee's low temperature.
1.  They could both just be tired from having a pretty big day of eating yesterday.
2. Not overly concerned with Taylor.
3. This is normal behavior for preemies born at their age, but still different than what we have been experiencing.
4. It could be the caffeine totally leaving their system.
5.  We need to watch Trynlee really close for the day.  She could be getting sick which could require her to go back on oxygen or C-Pap. :-(  If it is viral, they will treat the symptoms to help her out.  It doesn't look like it is bacterial but that could be very dangerous.  

Dr. Barden came in after rounds to take a look at both of them.  Taylor checked out fine other than he heard her VSD for the first time and then had me listen to it too.  I'd be lying if I said I knew what I was listening for.... I just shook my head to agree because I was already super emotional.  Trynlee also checked out fine and wasn't presenting any signs or symptoms of being sick.  He decided not to do anything at this point and to just keep a close eye on her for the day.

As the day progressed, things seemed to stabilize for the most part.  During her first couple of feedings, her oxygen would bounce around a little bit but by 4:00 she stayed in the 90s.

To say my nerves are shot would be an understatement....

And as I type this, Trynlee's oxygen has just dipped down again..

Please pray for a better night and day tomorrow!

This is the only picture I took and saved today.  I have a large oversupply currently because I don't know what they really need so I don't want to limit it.  I often feel like I'm going to explode and pump crazy amounts of milk before I can even let them attempt to nurse.

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