Happy Birth Day, Taylor & Trynlee!

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Remember last Thursday when I posted and thought I was good to go for a couple of weeks?  I had gone the entire day with very few contractions and felt great.  I jokingly said I was in hospital jail as I felt totally fine but was a ticking time bomb as to when I was going to go into labor.  We had decided it was safe for Gavin to stay at home with Treyton as the doctors said he would most likely be able to make it if I were to go into labor.

I woke up at 5:00 Friday morning with contractions and pretty quickly knew that they were stronger than anything I had been having before.  I opened up the app on my phone and began timing them and attempted to talk myself out of the reality of what was happening.  Not only were they stronger, there were regular.  After timing several, I called my nurse around 5:30 and let her in on what was happening and figured they probably needed to hook me up to the monitor.  It only took two before they called Dr. H, who requested they check me.  At this point I texted Gavin and told him he should be on standby as I was pretty sure something was happening.

Things got real crazy in the blink of an eye.  Upon being checked, I was 8-9 centimeters dilated and my water was about to break.  My nurse's, Bethany's, first words were, "Honey, you need to call your husband and get him headed this direction."

I bawled.  

I was scared. 

There were immediately four or five nurses in and out of my room gathering supplies, starting new IVs, giving me medicine for a c-section, and folks, I was only 31 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  Our girls weren't ready to be born yet.

I called Gavin at 5:54 and broke the news.  Nate was thankfully on call and Gavin was able to hop in the Suburban and get heading my direction almost instantly.

I was completely prepped for the c-section in my room when Dr. H came in and told me to call Gavin and figure out where he was.  She was afraid I was going to have Baby A in my bed if we didn't get moving.  They took me back to the OR before Gavin showed up but she promised to try and wait until he got here.  He actually showed up in plenty of time since they wanted my spinal block started and everything set to go before they would let him back with me.

Things went really quick from there.  I was actually cut open and things were started before a nurse went and got Gavin.  By the time he sat down, they were working on pulling Taylor out, and she was born at 6:52.   She cried upon being born but was whisked away quickly to her isolet to be stabilized.  I was able to see her briefly as they carried her over there.

Taylor Marie
Born at 6:52
Weighed 3lb 4.4oz  
(This changed from 3lb 11 or 15oz on Saturday due to some recalculating.)
15 3/4 inches long

They then began working on getting Trynlee out and this is where things got a little scary on my end.  I don't believe I was fully numb was so feeling more than just pressure and was fairly certain I was going to get sick.  After some more meds, laughing gas, and some more meds to get me relaxed, Dr. Hines and the nurse ended up having to turn Trynlee as she was trying to come out hands first.  I don't totally know why this can't happen but it wasn't what they wanted.  After lots of intense pushing and pulling, Trynlee was born at 6:56.  It seriously was the longest four minutes of my life.  She didn't cry not could I see her so I was instantly worried.

Trynlee Lynn
Born at 6:56
Weighed 3lb 4oz
15 1/2 inches long

Gavin went over with the girls as they worked on getting everything else delivered and sewn up.  Taylor was breathing on room air right away but needed the C-Pap to ensure her lungs wouldn't collapse.  Trynlee was needing a little more support and they thought they may need to intubate her so they whisked her off to her room to be stabilized.

Because the NICU comes to the Labor and Delivery rooms instead of being in the NICU, Taylor was in my room and Trynlee was next door in her own room.  This pulled on every heart string of mine.  The first few hours though were spent trying to get their central lines placed.  This included x-rays and us not really being able to see them.  It was several hours before I got to see Trynlee.

First time seeing Tyrnlee!  They wheeled me and my bed to her room next door.

Taylor's lines went in great but she was struggling to maintain her blood pressure.  This resulted in her needing to have a heart ECHO done which showed that she had two small holes in her heart.  The next day, we were told not to worry about these at this times as they are fairly common and weren't causing her any issues.  Easier said that done.

Gavin checking out Taylor

Trynlee ended up only needing the C-Pap as well but they were unable to get her central lines in.  She instead had a normal IV that we were told would need to be replaced every couple of days.

I was up and out of bed relatively quickly as not being able to see Trynlee or hear if she was crying broke this mama's heart.  I paid for this the next day as I was much too active on day one.

We ended day 1 with two stable babies!

I think this is Trynlee but to be honest--I don't really know!  This was the easiest way to calm them down if they cried as we couldn't pick them up or hold them at this point.

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