Treyton is 2!!

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Happy Birthday, Treyton Lee!

We cannot quite understand how you are two already but are loving every minute of it.  And when I say every minute, I can't say I love bed time or how quickly you can switch moods!  Lol!  It is all part of who you are though--determined, smart, creative, and extremely strong willed.

Mom finally put her foot down and said that we had to be moved into our house for tour birthday.  This made Daddy rush around for a couple of weeks to make this happen but he pulled through.  We moved August 4th and had your part on August 10th.  You love everything about getting to take a bath, all of the room, and getting to play on the deck.  Can we just stop and talk about how life changing the deck has been for me?!  You love it, and for the first time in your life, you don't need me to be playing with you.  You're just totally content out there.

We had all of our close family and friends over for your birthday in which they showered you with love and presents.  We also had you open a present from each of the twins to share if they were boys or girls.  You didn't have a clue what was going on but everyone in attendance was pretty excited.  I was pretty proud of myself for keeping the secret and not slipping up for over 5 weeks.

At 2:

18 month everything--2T is still pretty big on you

Size 6 and 7
Lived in Natives over the summer

You're fairly picky and will only eat when you're hungry.  Your current favorites though are cereal, fruit, and meat off of the grill.

You moved into your big boy bed the day we moved into our house.  You had been climbing in and out of your crib for several months so it was time.  The transition hasn't been glorious though.  Nap time has been better than bed time but you take approximately a dozen toys into bed with you.

Night time has been a nightmare as you get out of your bed a dozen times with the most pathetic excuses.  You asked the other night to get your nails clipped which is quite possibly your least favorite thing in the world.  You also require ice in your cup, all of your blankeys, and generally your sunglasses before you will even think about staying in bed.  Unfortunately, you end up getting spanked a lot of nights and this is the only thing that will actually keep you in bed. :-(  It breaks your mama's heart.  You also were rolling out of your bed almost every night so we had to get a rail in which you insist in climbing over.  You generally didn't even wake up when you rolled out and we would find you on the floor in the middle of the night or even the morning.

Uncle Kolton knocked this birthday present out of the park.

Grandma and Grandpa Steege made all of your dreams come true and go you a sandbox digger.

It's two girls!

and.....where I found you one morning!  Poor guy!

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