Treyton Lee--Months 13-18

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I am going to go ahead and attempt to get over the Mom Guilt but let's be real, I feel like I have failed at his "baby book" and he is our first child.  Not our second. Heck, not even our third.  Our first.  So let's just pick up from where I left off---when he turned one and fill you all in from there.

The last 6 months have been nothing short of crazy.  We have had some highs and we have had some lows.  

August 10th--12 Months
-Turned 1 and had his birthday party at Ski Club.  It was construction and digger themed because the boy loves him a digger!

September 10th--13 Months
-Started Daycare with Linda.  The first two weeks were rough.  Let's just say that he really loved his Mom at this time in his life and even going to Gavin at certain points of his day were rather traumatic.  Once he figured out that there were dogs there, drop off became pretty easy.  Heck, now I can't even get his coat off fast enough before he runs to Linda to give her a hug.

October 10th--14 Months
-It flooded in Waverly towards the end of September to ridiculous amounts of rainfall one night just north of us.  We actually had a no school day which let me be home one more day with T-Man.  While I love my job, a part of me would love to be able to stay home with him every day.  It certainly isn't convenient with Gavin's office right outside of our living room as no work gets done if we are around.

November 10th--15 Months
-Treyton has his first bout of an ear infection and we won worst parents of the year awards.  He ran a low grade fever for several days so we kept him home from daycare but thought it was just a cold of some sort.  Friday night though, he screamed bloody murder and we were up all night with him.  At one point, Gavin and I were seriously contemplating taking him to the ER as we couldn't figure out what was bothering him.  He however curled up on our living room floor with his tush in the air and fell asleep for a couple of hours.  I took him to the Walk-In clinic in the morning where the nicest NP told me he had a "raging ear infection" in both ears, and I immediately started crying for letting him suffer for several days.  She was so kind and gave me a little pep talk. :-)

December 10th--16 Months
-We finally began our house, and Treyton was in heaven getting to ride in the excavators and skid-loaders every day after school.  We were blessed with a super nice fall that let us get most of the basement and cement work done before it got really cold.  Lifetime Carpentry though got blessed with subzero degree weather for most of the framing process.  Bless their souls and patience as Gavin and I struggled to make some decisions.

-Treyton got to play in the snow and sled for the first time.  He wasn't super impressed to say the least.

January 10th--17 Months
-Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Dawn took us all to Breckenridge, Colorado for our Christmas this year! It will certainly be a trip we never forget.  We left in a snow storm and drove in one our entire way out.  Our 15 hour drive turned in to a 20 hour drive with 7 of us packed into our suburban.  It was terrible to say the least.  On the second day we were there, Treyton began showing signs of either altitude sickness or the flu and he continued to have this the entire time we were there.  There is officially nothing worse as a parent than having a sick kid.  He vomited on me several dozen times and wanted to be help 24/7.  He HATES being held or contained so we knew he wasn't feeling well.  After puking in his car seat twice and having to dissemble it twice, there was no way I could make him ride home for that long in it so we bought plane tickets from Denver to Waterloo.  #bestdecisionever  My parents bought Kolton and his friend Tanner tickets to Des Moines, and they were awesome and drove our suburban home.  Needless to say, I got the flu the day we flu home and visited every bathroom in the airports.  Gavin got it the following day, and Kolton and my dad got it over Christmas.

-Christmas time was nothing short of crazy-town!  With three sets of grandparents, Treyton received plenty of gifts and love!  Santa brought him a Step2 Slide that still resides in the middle of our living room as it gets used several dozen times a day.  Santa certainly knocked it out of the park with that one.

Gavin and I were so excited to announce to our family and friends at Christmas that Treyton was going to be a big brother at the beginning of July!  After several months of infertility treatments and three transfers later, we were finally pregnant and cautiously beginning to get excited.

February 10th--18 Months
-Our world got turned upside down in the middle of January, when we found out that I had miscarried.  Treyton was most certainly the best medicine as we grieved the loss of our baby.  He definitely knew when our hearts were hurting and gave an abundance of hugs and slobbery kisses.

--At 18 months, Treyton--
-runs and jumps everywhere
-loves to go down slides
-is on the move ALL DAY LONG
-sleeps from 7:30-6:00 consistently
-takes 1-2 naps a day (30 minutes in the morning and maybe 2 hours in the afternoon if we are lucky)
-wears 12-18 month clothes
-wears size 5 shoes
-loves to play in the rain and mud #100percentboy
-hates to snuggle but will watch 10 minutes of Micky in our bed every morning
-has absolutely no fear
-says a new word every day (Mama, Dada, Rajah, "wawa"(water), up,  No, "nana"(banana), Nana, Papa, Uh Oh, whoa, Linda

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