Meet Gavin

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This post will likely be fairly short so that I don't get banned from this blog before I really get back into it!

Meet Gavin!

He's owner of his construction company and does a lot of the behind the scenes work these days.  He's constantly on his phone even though it sometimes seems he doesn't ever answer it.  Gavin is definitely the risk taker of the two of us and sometimes his ideas make me just a smidgen anxious.

He is our kiddos' favorite person even though I like to remind them often that I'm the one that keeps them fed, bathed, and clothed.  :-) He simply walks in the room and they all go running to him.  Gavin is easily Treyton's daily hero, and he will only wear and do things that daddy wears or does. #eyeroll

Gavin recently really got involved with my family's farm.  As if he needed another iron in the fire, he is now making a lot of decisions and doing a lot of the work.  The kiddos and I spend a lot of time in my car during planting and harvest seasons to take him food, see him for a couple minutes a day, and possibly snag a ride with him in the tractors or combine.

He is the first one to remind me to live each day in the moment and not to worry about the future.

While all of our kiddos really enjoy snuggles from their Dad, Trynlee loves being held and giving him hugs the most.

While I often give him a hard time that I have to hold down the fort, he is fully capable of doing it all on his own.  I just might come home to a sink full of dishes and a pile of laundry. :-)

He is the brains behind a lot of our little space along the highway.  While his ideas are often far more than what I ever feel is needed, they always turn out great.  It is painful for him to not be outside doing something.


When we can steal him away from the golf course in his free time, he's generally a good sport about my vacation ideas with three small children. #mostofthetime

And here we are!  4.5 years into our marriage, 10 years together, and 3 kiddos later!

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