Snow Day--Healthy Lunch

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If you're local, I hope that you are staying warm--and staying sane if you have kids home from school!  All the praise hands to stay at home mamas during the winter months.

Take a look at the low for Wednesday around here and then the high for Saturday and Sunday.
That's quite the temp difference but not surprising for an Iowa winter.

Ok!  Onto a common lunch around here!  I really strive to make meals for my family from fresh ingredients instead of from the box.  Yes, I feed my kids Mac-n-Cheese once in a while but its my goal to get them fruits and veggies in as many meals as possible.

Today's lunch was super fast and super easy!  

Disclaimer--I probably don't use the correct utensils, use the correct terminology, and certainly don't know the least about dishing up meals.  I'm simply here to share my passion of healthy, kid (and husband) friendly meals.

Chicken Sausage with Veggies
--Chicken Sausage
--Brown Rice
--1 Zucchini
--1 Yellow Squash
--Olive Oil
--Minced Garlic
--Mrs. Dash

Step 1
Slice your zucchini, squash, and chicken sausage.  I use the al fresco brand and find it in HyVee's Health Market.

Step 2
In a pan over medium heat, place a tablespoon of olive oil and a some minced garlic.  Add your chicken sausage and veggies and season with Mrs. Dash to your liking.

 Step 3
You can obviously make brown rice any way you would like.  I really like these steamables when I am running short on time and have hangry children.  I popped this in the microwave for 3 minutes once I got everything else started.

I served served the sausage and veggies over the brown rice for Gavin and myself.

I try to keep things separated for my kids as I find they will at least eat an entire serving of something.  Treyton calls this meal "Cinni and Hotdogs" and typically eats all of the sausage, fruit, and has to eat at least three bites of veggies.

I strongly believe that we shouldn't force our kids to finish their plates as I feel that is a bad eating habit and they will eat when they are hungry..  However, he doesn't get any snacks after supper if he doesn't eat well.  We simply leave his plate at his spot and he almost always goes back and eats it at some point before bed.  This is the same for lunch.  We also enforce the "No Thank You Bite" rule.  We won't make him eat things that he doesn't like but he must take a "No Thank You Bite" so that he at least tries everything on his plate.

Let me know if you make something similar or try this out!

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