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One: Playing Outside
Gavin looked at our weekly forecast on Friday night, and we will likely not see a positive temperature for an entire week starting on Monday.  Folks, the highs don't break zero for a week!  On Wednesday, they are talking the wind chills could possibly be -50 degrees.  We took full advantage and got outside when we could.  It was -6 when I took this picture which I'm afraid will feel like a heat wave in a couple of days.

Two: Hot Yoga
We had a new yoga place open up in town a few months ago and it has totally changed my attitude on yoga.  I really enjoy an intense workout, and my name is Kylie and I really struggle to relax.  Yoga, in the past, just hasn't been for me.  Hot yoga on the other hand is a game changer, and I love starting my weekend with an hour sweat session.

This made me laugh!  I do feel like it's about the only time of my life that is quiet.

Three: Take Out
I've been on my A game for several weeks with healthy food every night of the week.  I just didn't have it in me Saturday night to cook, and Gavin and I ordered The Dirty Dog after we fed our kids.  There is just something soo good about wings and cheeseballs!  

Four: Tumbling
Treyton runs, jumps, climbs, and flips ALL.DAY.LONG at our house--along with never stops talking.  Let me fill you in on the tumbling class he has been taking...  He is the shyest kid in the room and would choose to sit on my lap the entire time if we let him.  The first two weeks he was on the brink of tears and did minimal participating.  This week he did everything but play freeze tag.  Apparently he only likes "normal tag".  Who knew?!

Five: Crafting
I had a little time to play with my Cricut and make some shirts for a couple special kiddos in our lives.  I use the Cricut Maker but there are other Cricuts that do very similar things.  This is my favorite pack of vinyl to ensure I have lots of colors on hand.

Six: Legos
My parents brought Treyton this set of Legos home from their cruise last week and we finally had some time to build it.  Treyton is really into Lego's right now and we have several of these.  They're great if you have other littles in the house that you need to keep them away from.

Seven: Treyton's Blue Pad
My parents got Treyton a Kindle for Christmas a couple of years ago and while I really limit the time he spends on his "Blue Pad", I would be lying if I said it didn't save my sanity some days.  Especially during the winter when we run out of things to do during the day or when the girls are requiring a lot of my attention, it allows him to stay occupied for a bit.  I really like it because there is a "kid's profile" that allows him to only see safe content, and I can set a timer and parameters on what he can do.
Kindle Kid's Edition

Eight: Time at Home
We had several snow days last week which let me be at home with my kiddos and get caught up on life.  I got the chance to sit on the couch, read, and play with my kids this weekend.  Santa brought this Playhouse for Christmas with the intent of it moving to the basement and then outside, but our kids are obsessed with it so it has sat in our living room.

Nine: Hallmark Movies
I watch Hallmark movies all year round, which really annoys Gavin.  I caught him watching one right alongside me this weekend though.
Image result for hallmark movies king of angosia

Ten: Healthy Kids 
Everyone knock on wood for me right now!  We have really struggled this winter with sickness.  We started September with 3 counts of pneumonia and then really never recovered fully.  Trynlee wound up in the ambulance and hospitalized with another round of pneumonia right before the New Year.  Taylor got ear tubes the day after Christmas.  I felt like we couldn't catch a break!  We seem to being holding strong currently though!

Have a great week and if you're from around here, stay warm!

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