Happy Thursday!

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Happy Thursday!

I am off today as I spent yesterday just trying to get caught up.  Still didn't get to that laundry pile! ;-)  I have conferences tonight but have a post all ready for tomorrow.  So make sure to check back as I will be sharing my word for the month of March.

If you want to read about my New Years Resolution and the words I chose for January and February, click HERE.

Have a great day!


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Today, I am linking up with some Sheaffer and Shay for WHAT'S UP WEDNESDAY!
Tuesday: Chicken Cordon Bleu
Wednesday: Crockpot Chicken Tacos
Thursday: Roast with Sweet Potatoes and Carrots
Friday: Steaks, Mashed Potatoes, and Roasted Veggies

I have a post for the chicken cordon blue and the crockpot chicken tacos coming today and tomorrow!

Warm weather in general!  I was just telling Gavin that I feel like I am in a bit of a funk because everything is so out of routine and dependent upon bad weather.  I REALLY enjoy the summer at home with my kiddos and playing in our back yard, going to the river, camping, and having a bit of a tan.
I am loving my girls' personalities really starting to shine.  It is really interesting how they have flip flopped temperaments several times throughout the past year but I feel like they are becoming themselves now.  Taylor was really tough as a baby.  She was either sleeping or crying and her cry was more like a screech.  Trynlee was such an easy baby (as easy as a 5lb baby can be) and was perfectly content as long as she was fed.  In the last month or so, I feel like they have really switched.  Taylor is fairly easy going, good at entertaining herself, and loves to eat and sleep.  Trynlee, once very laid back, is all of the sudden really feisty.  She hits and laughs about it, yells no, and has a strong opinion about things.  She also is overly dramatic if a toy gets taken from her or she can't get something she wants.  Don't get me wrong, she can be hilarious and such a snuggler as well.  It will be interesting to see if it stays like this.
Tryn has quite the facial expressions!
Oh Tay! I can hear her cry to this day!
But now, she's so silly, independent and so so happy!

Long story short---shoveling, moving snow, and playing in the snow!  We also have played ALL.THE.GAMES about 100 times, and are looking forward to warmer weather.

We have a trip coming up and I am dreading flying with our three munchkins.  We have flown twice with Treyton but its just a little bit different when you're outnumbered and they're all so little. It will be much better than a 20+ some hour car ride but the thought of being confined for several hours makes me a tad bit nervous.  I also am dreading packing ALL THE THINGS!  I did order these packing cubes though after reading rave reviews on them.  I will make sure to post about everything we used or bought for our trip in case you also have an upcoming trip as well.

Report cards and conferences!    Our first set of conferences got postponed due to the weather (see any common theme around here-LOL)!  I'm also doing my best to have all of my lesson plans done for before break and for the week following break.
I do all of my plans on Planbook.com and LOVE it!

I'm really looking forward to our upcoming trip {minus the travel} and a wedding that's coming up.  Both involve family and that in itself is exciting for me!
My cousin is getting married, and I'm excited to be apart of their big day!  This picture is super old and we both look like babies....and well rested!  Lol .

Gavin and I watch 3 shows each week.  We record them all so that we can watch them after our kids are in bed and so that we can fast forward through the commercials....or we likely fall asleep.
MacGyver is just a tad bit dramatic, maybe a bit cheesy, but I look forward to what MacGyver can come up with each week.  I'm sooooooo sad that Jack left the show though.  He may have been my favorite cast member.  Desi is doing a good job of filling in but it's just not the same.
Hawaii Five-O might be my favorite and Steve is just a smidgen cute. :-) There are always several different twists and turns going on and some dramatic save typically happens at the end.
I like the original NCIS as well but we have been hooked on NCIS Los Angeles for a couple of seasons now.

We apparently really like "cop" related shows!  Any other suggestions?  All three of these take place on Friday and Sunday so then we go the whole rest of the week waiting for the next episodes.  

Currently....Iowa basketball on the tv and Treyton yelling from his bed to come put the skid loader track back on.  #nothappening

At school though, we listen to a lot of Amazon Music.  It is included with Amazon Prime and there aren't any ads.

I'm still loving all of the stuff I got from my last Stitch Fix.  You can read about it HERE.

My favorite jeans are also from Stitch Fix and are the brand Kut from the Kloth.  I have been able to order them from Nordstrom.  They're a bit stretchy but don't get saggy. 

I don't think we have anything actually planned this weekend which is a good feeling.  Let's be honest though, I really need to tackle the pile of laundry that is waiting patiently to be folded. ;-)

My birthday!!  ;-)  And seeing my brother and his girlfriend!  We haven't seen them since Christmas and we miss them and their naughty pup, Eddie.
I think that is all I've got for today!

Oh man!  We are just getting into the world of board games, and I am so excited!  Here are some of Treyton's favorites.
If you click on any of the games above, it will take you right to Amazon, if you're interested!

Weekend Recap & Snowday #10

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We had blizzard like conditions this weekend that kept us stuck inside alllll weekend long!  It was nice to have everyone home and a fairly low key couple of days.  Does anyone else feel like it is harder to stay caught up on things though when you are home instead of on the go?!

Lots of snow, 50+mph winds, and some ice resulted in....snow day #10 yesterday!  Seriously, I used to joke that we might be in school until July, but now I'm actually a bit concerned!

Nothing says Saturday morning more than some pancakes around our house--except Treyton requested chocolate chip waffles.  Add an extra tablespoon of butter and ta-da, you've got waffles!  Fun fact--Gavin doesn't love pancakes and will not eat them for supper.  We almost always have breakfast for dinner if I know he is going to be gone. :-)
Saturday morning started off nice and icy so we were pretty slow moving!  I attempted to get some pictures of each kiddo.  I had way more out takes than anything half way decent.  There may have even been a seat in time out occupied at one point and time.
Any guesses on who ended up in time out?!? ;-)
Mya chewed on ALL the toys!  I love you Mya but I don't love that all of our toys have teeth marks on them!
She really is such a great dog!  But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for her to lose some of her puppy tendencies.  I feel like I have a 4th child most days.
Mya is also losing all of her baby teeth currently.  I didn't really know this was a thing but we have found them EVERY WHERE!  I am hoping that this is why she is wanting to chew on every thing so badly right now.
Treyton lives and breathes construction and pays attention to Gavin's and his employees' every move.  I went through all of our toys after Christmas wanting to get rid of stuff and I honestly couldn't get rid of any of his diggers or tools because he plays with them all.
My shelves become his work bench regularly.
And every surface in our house is "broken" at some point in the day and needs to be fixed.  Thankfully we have Mr. Fixit on call!
We gave Treyton a hair cut.  His hair never really lays down so he ends up with a really out of control, bed head looking fro.  It needed to be cut like a month ago but we finally carved out a nap time to get it done.  He looks sooo much better!!
Grandma Linda and Grandpa Brad stopped over Saturday to see the munchkins!  I know I say it all of the time, but we are so fortunate to be surrounded by so much family!
Our girls are really into giving open mouthed kisses currently.  Especially to each other!  Taylor may be a bit guilty of letting her tongue stick out. Lol!
The girls LOVE this Minnie bike!  They ride it backwards so they can hang on to the handle and love when Treyton pushes them fast.  I swear I will have a full head of gray hair soon.
When we moved out of the shop and into our house, we left an entire trailer full of totes and random things.  Sometime this fall, the trailer full of stuff go moved over to our garage and it has just sat there.  Being snowed in gave us the opportunity to go through it all and decided what we were keeping and what we needed to move into our storage room.
A lot of it was stuff that our parents had given to us from their houses.  We took trips down memory lane as we found our old year books, photo albums, and college memorabilia.
It felt good to have our garage cleaned and a rather big task checked off! And the girls enjoyed playing in the basement while we got things moved downstairs.
This picture doesn't do the weather we had justice.  There were times when we looked out our window and couldn't see the basketball hoop.  All of our major highways were shut down due to being impassable with bigger drifts than I've ever seen.
Gavin left like 5 minutes before I took this picture and his tracks were already blown shut.  My dad is a lineman and worked through the night and struggled to even get to the people that were out of power.  It was crazy!
Mother Nature still hasn't forgiven us and wants me to attempt to teach 22 nine year olds in June apparently.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting extra time at home with my kids though.  I know I will think differently in June when we could be playing outside.
Treyton got to plow with Gavin.  It's amazing how quickly he can get a "work sweatshirt" on and find his hats and boots when he gets to "go to work" with dad.
I got a workout in during the girls' morning nap and was reminded why I like working out at 4:30 every morning.  #sodistracted
Our girls are really into books right now, which my teacher heart just loves. 

I hope you have a great week and that you are unburied from all of the snow!  Make sure you come back tomorrow as I will be linking up with some other bloggers!!
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