15 Month Update

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Babies don't keep, y'all! 

 I remember the night I went to the hospital, at 30 weeks, for them to just tell me everything was okay and those Braxton Hicks I was having were just "normal".

Their first time every being with each other and they instantly relaxed and Trynlee hugged her arms around Taylor

Except, that wasn't what I was told.  Instead, I was told I was in labor and I'd be lucky to make it another 48 hours.  #panic Thankfully, I was able to stay pregnant for 4 more days which allowed our girls to receive two rounds of steroids to help their little lungs.

and 15 months ago our miracles were born!

Our first time holding the girls when they were a day old and still on breathing support.

I honestly don't know who is who in these pictures and neither one of us remember who held who first.  I actually think I have it written down in a blog post here. #thankthelord Possible one positive to not getting to hold them much those first few days.

Taylor (a week old)

Trynlee (a week old)

It is so hard to grasp how little they were in these pictures.  They were both born at 3lbs 4oz and dropped just below 3lbs the first couple days.

We will forever be grateful for the NICU and OBGYN team that helped our girls the first month of their life.

At 15 months, they are on.the.move!  Thats kind of the name of the game right now.  Don't.Sit.Still!

They got out in the snow and actually walked around for the first time.

Taylor Marie!  Oh how I love her independent, mischievous little self!

Trynlee Lynn!  This shy little soul is really starting to come out of her shell and she's becoming rather funny!

Height & Weight
I don't have any real specifics!  Oops!  They are both right around 19 and 20 pounds.
Taylor is at least a pound heavier and close to two inches taller.  This always surprises people because Trynlee's round little face makes her look bigger.  Sidenote, Taylor's head has always measured a little bit bigger as well.

Both girls are wearing 12 month clothes.  Taylor has such a long torso that she will need some bigger shirts soon.  Her belly is often hanging out.  They also inherited the Steege melon and some of their shirts about rip their ears off going on.



Taylor has 4 on top and 3 crooked little guys on the bottom.
Trynlee has four on top and two on the bottom.  She also has two top molars trying to make their way in.

Bottomless Pits!  They both could seriously eat all day long!  Tay likes about everything and then feeds the dog when she is done.  Trynlee is a bit pickier but LOVES fruit and meat.  She demands her favorites if she sees them and won't eat anything else if they are in sight.

They can dominate breakfast foods and love our Saturday morning waffles and pancakes.

We are officially completely done with actual bottles and they drink whole milk from their sippy cups.  Different brands of course.  Taylor would drink from about anything, at any temperature, and consistently drinks plenty.  On the flip side, I spent an unbelievable amount of money on sippy cups that Trynlee wouldn't just chuck.  I still have to warm up her milk and I'm not entirely sure how she isn't dehydrated some days. She does eat like a grown man some meals though...

Treyton has been the creator of most of their nicknames which just makes my heart smile.  He truly adores them, even though they take a lot of our time and attention and are starting to get into his things.  I, however, call all of my kids by their first and middle names most of the time.  I don't really know how this ever got started.

Taylor: Taylor Marie, Tay, Tay Tay, Tay Baby

Trynlee: Trynlee Lynn, Tryn, Tryner, Trynee, Trynee Bug

Personality & Milestones
Taylor: walking/running, climbs UP stairs and stools, climbs onto or into everything, excellent napper and sleeper, says "Uh Oh" and "No", loves the dog, and laughs every time you tell her no, loves her paci and new found love for a blankey

Trynlee: walking, climbs up and down stairs, can go without a morning nap, constantly battling respiratory junk, opinionated, emotional, throws temper tantrums, and lovvveesss her daddy

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