Friday Favorites: Workout Clothes Edition

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Today, I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals!

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Please tell me I'm not the only one! :-)

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This one had me laughing because it is too close to the truth.  If I buy another pair of black leggings, Gavin may call for an intervention.  In my defense, I've had a several pairs of them since college.

I have a wide range of workout clothes-ranging in price from LuluLemon to Walmart.  One thing I have learned is that the most expensive stuff doesn't mean it will stay up or be comfortable during a workout.

I'm certainly no expert, nor have I branched away from my favorites a ton, but here are some of my most worn work out clothes.

My current favorite leggings are from Amazon!  I bought this double pack 90 Degree by Reflex from Amazon, and I wear them on repeat.  They stay tight, and I don't feel like I am pulling them up all the time.  They are also thick enough that I feel comfortable wearing them out and about but also as leggings to school.  And two pairs for $34?!?!

90 Degree by Reflex Double Pack (Maroon and Black)

I recently got a pair in a Stitch Fix that I really like so far.  They have washed well and I will totally be wearing them as leggings to work as well.  I will be doing an entire post about my latest Stitch Fix but in case you want to check it out.  Click HERE for a discount code.

I love the feel of these Wunder Unders from LuLuLemon.  They are are definitely on the pricy side though.


I live in athletic/running shorts during the summer when I am home with my kids.  My most wore pair {like I do extra loads of laundry to get them clean} are from Nike.  I like that they come a little bit longer that the typical running shorts.  #mom . I have them in this maroon color and black.


When I said I don't venture far from my favorites, I wasn't lying.  I tend to head to the Nike Section and wander back after checking everything else out.  Please ignore the wrinkles!

Nike Dri-FIT Shirt

I REALLY like this long sleeve shirt.  It is spandexy (just made up a word) and slightly fitted without being overly tight or heavy.

It's only currently $16!


This jacket from LuLuLemon is one of my favorites.  It is very fairly fitted though.

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