Meet Mya!

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Ohhhh Mya! 
She's a big friendly giant.  A big friendly {puppy, chewing, jumping} giant.
We got Mya this fall, right around Thanksgiving, and she has grown sooo much!
I don't even really know where to start.  Lol!  She truly is such a great dog for our family and one day I know she will be a CALM big ol' teddy bear.  Right now though, she is 100% puppy and just a tad overwhelming once in a while.

She is 5 months old and is already a small horse!  Miss Mya is a Bernedoodle--half Bernese Mountain Dog and half Poodle.  

She can easily get up on the couch, has jumped over the couch, plucks things off the counter, and looks in our front windows when she wants inside.
Our living room is constantly littered with shoes, chewed up baby toys, a bone or two, and socks she steals from the laundry.

She, however, wants nothing more than to cuddle with us on the couch or sleep with Treyton {which he refuses to let happen for longer than a couple of minutes}. 
She quickly learned how to ring the bell hanging on our front door to tell us she needs to go outside to the bathroom.  She also quickly learned how to open the toilet seat to get herself a drink.  We now close all bathroom doors to keep her and Taylor out of the toilet water.
Taylor absolutely loves her and sticks her hand in Mya's mouth as she enjoys when Mya licks her.  There have been occasions that Mya will accidentally knock the girls over, but in general, she is super gentle with them.  She does snatch snacks from them once in a while though, which really makes Trynlee mad, and has found out that laying under their high chairs is the place to be.
Treyton and her have a love/hate relationship.  They both want to love each other but Mya's baby teeth hurt his playful, quick moving hands.  She also likes to jump on him, bite his shirts, and jump on his bed to lay on him.  She's just a bit out control some times and is eye to eye with Treyton, which is just more than he can handle some days (especially when his is tired or hungry).  Prior to Mya, he was fairly afraid of dogs so I feel like we have come a long way, but he still needs reminders on how to handle her lack of boundaries.  
Due to her out of control, thick hair, she stays plenty warm outside and we struggle to get her to come in most days.  She also really loves the water which is going to earn her a permanent outdoor living space once we get an underground fence put in.  We think she may even be hot in our house once in a while because she prefers to lay on our tile floors in the entryway and bathrooms.
We love you Miss Mya!  Even when you make about 1243 messes for me to pick up every day!
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