Meet Taylor!

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Miss Taylor is our true middle child!  She's wild, she's loud, but she's also out best sleeper.

She was Baby A and the one that was ready to be born way too early.

She came out breathing on her own at 31 weeks.  We got to hear her cry right away.  It was truly music to my ears.  She only required oxygen support from the C-PAP for under 24 hours.
From day one, she has done things on her own terms and has been LOUD! I can still hear her cry/screech as an infant.

Taylor is named after my sister Taylor, that went to be with the Lord at two days old due to a heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  The night that the girls were born, Taylor's numbers didn't look quite right which led to a heart ECHO.  We found out that she had several holes in her heart.  My heart knew she had her own guardian angel but my mind was racing and felt like this was a terrible dream.  Our Taylor's heart defects are resolving on their own, and we are so very thankful.
She started out slow in the eating game and learning to eat was the only thing keeping her in the NICU.  She is now our best eater by far.  Clearly she caught up quickly!
She loves her Mama, and even looks like me when I was her age.
Taylor (left) Me (right--circa 1991?)
She seems to be our least shy child and smiles and interacts with about everyone.
Taylor has routinely been ahead of Trynlee developmentally by about two weeks.  Sat first, crawled first, walked first, got teeth first, and is now talking first.
She currently walks/runs everywhere.  Treyton calls her "Speedy" and she climbs on or into absolutely everything. You can count on her to be into any cupboard she can open.  
Unlike her siblings, Tay has green, hazel, brownish colored eyes.  Treyton and Trynlee have bright blue eyes.  Her hair is also darker than our other two.

She's blurry but in the background! :-)
She can say--Mama, Dada, Uh Oh (as she drops food to Mya off of her tray), No (as she follows Mya around the house), and ball.   It also doesn't really phase her if you tell her no.  She may even giggle at us once in a while.
She interacts with Mya the most of our three kiddos and likes when Mya licks her hands.
Taylor has had her fair share of ear infections and earned herself a pair of tubes the day after Christmas.  Her hearing should be much better now as well.
She is fiercely independent and doesn't mind playing on her own.
She generally has a big smile on her face, although she has recently learned how to give a bit of a sneer.  She also knows that she is quick and snatches things from Trynlee, turns, and takes off.
(standing on the seat in the back)

We love you little one and can't wait to see you grow!

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