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Happy Wednesday!  I hope that you've had a great beginning to your week and if you live in the midwest, you aren't getting lots of snow and ice today!

I'm going to be talking all about Stitch Fix today!  I have gotten several "Fixes" over the last couple of years and am always excited when the box shows up in the mail.  It's kind of like Christmas to me, especially since I tend to know all of my Christmas presents.  These boxes are a total mystery!  They are also really exciting to me because I despise clothes shopping! I hate searching.  I hate trying things on in the store, and I loathe having to make returns.

If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix, it is a website in which you take a style quiz and get to rate different outfits and styles, give them your sizes, body shape and clothing preferences, price points, and then you let them do the shopping!

I highly recommend heading to Pinterest to create a board with a bunch of outfits that you like!  Your stylist will take a look at this, and this will help them pick items that you like.  Here is my Pinterest board that I have shared them.
Once you have filled out the quiz and given them all of the info, you select a date to receive your Fix and wait patiently for the box to show up on your doorstep!  It's that easy!  You can choose to have Fixes sent to you each month, every other month, 2 times a year, or you can just go in and have one sent when you request one.  The last option is what I do.  When I am wanting some new clothes, I let my Stitch Fix stylist do this work. :-)

And folks!  I can NEVER find jeans that fit right and every pair they have ever sent me, fit PERFECTLY!!  It's amazing!

In your box, you will receive 5 items, a style guide (ways to wear each item), and a price list.  You get charged a $20 shopping fee each time you schedule a Fix.  If you buy just one item though, that $20 gets credited towards your final price.  If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount.  There have been several times that I don't love one of my items but it is cheaper to keep it and get the 25% off than to send it back.
What to do if you don't like an item, you ask?  They include a prepaid return label and bag and you simply put the items you would like to return in the bag and drop it off.  Super easy!  Once you have decided what you're going to keep or send back, you click on the email they send you or sign into your account and check out.  Seriously the easiest shopping I've ever done!

Here we go!  I requested an Athleisure Fix this month so it was all workout/hangout related items.  Basically my daily attire. :-)  You can get as simple or as fancy of clothes that you would like.  You simply just leave them a note.  These are the 5 items that I got in this Fix and the style guides that came along with them!

If you would like to see some of the other items that I have received in the past, just leave a comment or DM me and I can send you pictures.

Pictures don't do this sweatshirt justice!  It is soooo comfy!  They ordered me a size up so that it is more of a relaxed fit.
And it has one of my favorite sayings of all times!
And the style guide to go with it.  With each item, they give you several different ways to wear the item.
This green sweatshirt is thick but fit perfectly!

I love love love me a tunic so this was perfect!  I'm currently wearing it with leggings and tall boots as we speak.

These black leggings are also wonderful!  I have worn them to workout in and also for daily wear.  Have I mentioned I like black leggings?  ;-)

These navy crop leggings were the item that I wouldn't have selected for myself but they fit perfectly and I didn't hate them.  It was cheaper for me to keep them and I will definitely wear them.
Make sure to use THIS LINK to schedule your next or first Stitch Fix to get $25 off!  I promise you won't be disappointed!!

Please let me know if you have any questions!!

Make sure you come back tomorrow to read all about Trynlee!!
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