7 Must Have Items for Twins!

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Our girls are now 15 months old so I feel like we have survived the newborn and infant phase of having twins....and a toddler!  I know that we are moving into another challenging yet fun phase, but I honestly feel like we are feeling like we can take a bit of a deep breath.

We were standing in the kitchen the other night, very quietly, and both made a comment about the fact that all three of our kids were playing....contently, without us, for maybe the first time ever.  #heavenly

The first 6-8 months with our girls were challenging.  They were 100% amazing, full of love and joy, and we are beyond grateful to be their parents, but I can't say we got a ton of sleep and I felt like I had to be on my A-game 24 hours a day.

As I have gone through pictures and packed away some things, I felt like expectant twin families might benefit from some of what we learned and things we came to love!  Below are the things we HONESTLY couldn't have lived with out!

If there is one thing that I would tell every twin mama to buy, it would be this pillow.  We have used it since the girls were big enough to be propped up in--every single day for every single bottle--still to this day.  When I pull out their sippy cups now, they both take off running for their pillow and dive in all on their own.  It seriously is the best thing ever and allowed one of us to feed both of them at the same time. {I also pumped while feeding them to save myself some time.}
The middle part will also flip up and allow a nursing mama to tandem feed.

I know that there are some cons to Rock-n-Plays but we had two of them, that plugged in and rocked on their own.  They sat in our living room, moved from room to room with us, and even traveled with us.  They saved me when I was home alone with three kiddos under three!  Not only would they sooth a baby that I just couldn't get to right away, but they also kept our 5lb babies off of the floor and out of danger from their 2 year old brother.
Just a couple of things that I learned as I debated buying them and then used them...  They aren't meant for sleeping as they are a SIDS risk.  Our girls slept in their cribs, but would take naps in them when we were in the room with them.  There have been articles linking them to babies with flat spots on the back of their heads because the baby always lays in one spot.  Trynlee did have a flat spot but it was not due to her rock-n-play but rather her birthmark.  Some moms were worried their baby wouldn't be able to sleep laying still, but we didn't have this problem.  We did have to watch Treyton some with them as he would attempt to climb in with the girls every once in a while.  

Also, Trynlee failed her carseat test before being discharged from the NICU and therefore couldn't be in a normal carseat, a rock-n-play, or anything that was propped up.  Just something to keep in mind if you fall into that boat.

A rock-n-play ranks 2nd in must have items!

I spent my fair share of money on bottle warmers before falling in love with the Dr. Brown bottle warmer.  I started off really wanting a double bottle warmer but couldn't find one that didn't take forever.  No one has 8 minutes to warm up bottles in the middle of the night...several different times.  I exclusively pumped for a little over a year for our girls so we warmed up every.single.bottle.  We really like how consistent this warmer is and that you don't have to put water in every time.  You just fill up the little canister on the side when it is empty, set your time, and hit the start button.  Another item that I would say is definitely worth buying two of!  I even pulled out my label maker and labeled whose bottle when in each one since Trynlee likes hers warmer {hot}.  It made it much easier for family members or sitters.
I am, however, ready for them to not be a constant piece of decor on our counter. :-) 

Bottles {Lots of them!}
Every baby is different so you will have to find what works best for each of your kiddos, but then, I would suggest buying enough bottles to last you for an entire day.  Especially when our girls needed a fortifier mixed with my breastmilk (for more calories), we would prep enough bottles for each girl every night to last us the next day.  This saved me a ton of time during the day and sped up the process significantly.  We measured them all out, lined them up in the fridge, and then just pulled them out as needed.
This also allowed me to just pop them in the dishwasher or not have to wash bottles until I had a chance--instead of when I had an already-hungy-and-crying baby!

ZIPPERED Sleep and Plays/Pajamas
Once again, you will have to find which brand and style you like the best, but I highly recommend sleep and plays or pajamas that ZIP!  Nothing will be more annoying than having to snap pajamas, half asleep, in the middle of the night, TWICE!  You will inevitably line up the snaps wrong and have to do it all over again.

Side note--the only time that I highly recommend ones that snap are if you are in the NICU with wires and cords.  The snaps will allow all of the cords to exit the clothing down by your baby's feet.  If they zip, all of the cords have to come out by your tiny baby's neck.

Your hands are going to be full, in more ways than one, and the last thing you will have room to carry is a diaper bag.  I also found it annoying with Treyton when they would fall off of my shoulder.  I knew I wanted a backpack before I had the girls so did my fair share of research and YouTube video watching on which one I felt would fit my needs the best.  I even watched videos on how to effectively pack them. #nerdalert

I settled on a JuJuBe style and have loved it!  Gavin also doesn't mind carrying it even if it has a little pattern! It will open up flat, has several different pockets on the front--one for personal items and one for a phone.  There is also a pocket on the top that I keep my wallet in, and also has a hidden pocket on the back with a changing pad.  I can fit things for a day for all three of our kiddos.

I also got a couple of JuJuBe's smaller items and love each of them!

Matching Wallet :-) Because it was obviously necessary. Lol!

Fuel Cell--We used this to pack bottles and attached it right to the diaper bag.  These icepacks work perfectly inside of it.
Be Quick Wipe Carrying Case--I put a handful of diapers and a pack of wipes in this.  It keeps them from floating around the diaper bag and allows you to just take them for a diaper change.
Paci Pod--This hangs on the outside and I always make sure its stocked!

Double Stroller
I am a very on-the-go type of person so I knew before I had even had the girls that I wanted a good double stroller.  My only issue was that Treyton was only going to be two when they were born, and I really wanted something that they could all ride it.  I had a couple of wish list items though--side by side and fit through a standard door.

The Valco Tri Mode with Joey Seat does just that!  It is kind of a beast but seriously was the only way that I could leave the house.  We were able to to go on walks, and I could take them places on my own knowing that Treyton had a place to ride (and be contained).  I did have a stroller frame that carried their infant seats at first that was wonderful as well.  I took this to doctors appointments and on quick errands when they were little and when it was cold out.

Please share this with any new or expecting twin mama that you know!!  Let them know they can always reach out as well!

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