Valentines for our Daycare Friends!

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My kiddos have a Valentine's Day party on Thursday so I naturally went to Pinterest to look for some ideas.  I wanted to be able to print their names right on them though(writing names 45 times just doesn't sound very fun to me) so I ended up getting the saying I was looking for and created my own.  While I would love to put together something more elaborate, I know that my kids don't really even know what is going on yet and kids tend to rip them apart rather quickly.

As we walked through the Walmart aisles, Treyton requested bubbles.  They strategically placed these packs of bubbles in the Valentine's section and there was a pack of 5 for only a couple of dollars. #win
I just punched a whole in the corner and tied it on with a ribbon.

Both of our girls are really into drinking out of straws currently so I thought this was rather fitting.  My goal was also to stay away from candy as I know they will likely get enough of that.  I was able to find a 6 pack of straws in the party supplies.
 I punched holes on both ends and then just fed the straw through both.  Ta-Da!
Trynlee is currently obsessed with applesauce at our house and will bring you one from the pantry any chance she can get in there.
I just punched two holes towards the top of this one and fed the ribbon through and around the top of the applesauce.
I'll be back later this week with pictures of my kiddos and their favorite loot!  I had the chance to make them some shirts couple of weeks ago so I am excited to get some pictures of them!

Have a great Tuesday, and if you are local, stay safe in yet another snow storm!

Please let me know if you try to download those and it doesn't work!  I can email you the PDF!
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