Weekend Recap!

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I was somewhat prepared after four snow days and had supper in the crockpot Friday morning.  We came home to our house smelling wonderful, supper ready, and one thing to clean up!  #allthepraisehands
A roast in the crockpot is one of our go-to meals during the winter.

Treyton had his last tumbling class Saturday morning, where I didn't get any pictures taken.  The girls were up early though and had already gotten into the cupboards before I went to get Treyton up.  Treyton is religiously awake before 6 but he was up late Friday night, as we played another round of Ticket to Ride, and actually slept in a bit.  He continued to hate playing Freeze Tag but enjoyed doing the actual tumbling part.  He had a lot of fun, and the girls teaching the class did a great job for having fifteen 3 year olds.

A big shout out to Jamison and Payton for keeping the girls for us while we took Treyton to tumbling each Saturday and gave him a little one-on-one time.  Taylor, especially, loves Jamison!


The gym where tumbling is located has a little cafe located upstairs and they make some killer smoothies and banana bread.  We may or may not have snagged one of each after class each Saturday.  My mom came and watched Treyton this weekend, in which she let me know I was once this shy as well, and then took him home so I could run and buy them all snow boots for next year--on sale!  The girls demolished Treyton's smoothie.


We had some leftover pulled pork from earlier on in the week so we threw together some BBQ pork pizzas.


My brother and his girlfriend, Emmy, moved to LA late 2018 and we miss them tons.  Emmy's birthday was Friday and they spent their day at Disney.  We made her a Disney themed birthday banner and sent her a picture!  Treyton actually did a lot of the coloring and he was so proud!

If you're planning a trip to Disney and are looking for some ears to wear, they have recently opened up a shop called The Magic Factory on Etsy.  Check them out HERE!  Kolton 3D prints the each piece and they are interchangeable!  So cool!


I ran to the grocery store--on my own!  Did I walk through every aisle, absolutely!  Why oh why is it so expensive to eat healthy, though?!?

Jamison took Treyton outside--with boots and gloves.  Isn't that what uncles are for?  Lol!  They threw some snowballs and then decided it was perfect snow to make a snowman.  Mean ole mom stepped in and made him put snow gear on for that.

The temperature was 40 some degrees which felt 100 degrees warmer than Wednesday.  #welcometothemidwest It was perfect weather for the girls to get out and play in the snow.  They LOVED it, even with their snow boots for next year.  They both face planted several times and never shed a tear.

Taylor never really stopped moving so I don't have nearly as good of pictures of her.

Tryn was all smiles.

Treyton never stopped throwing snow.

Jamison and Payton actually built the snowman.

We snagged a quick family photo!

Oh Tay Tay!


Gavin and I got out of the house for a little date night Saturday night and went out to eat.  It's amazing to eat my own food, when it is warm, and actually get to sit down. ;-)
Trynlee can get coughing at night and really struggles to sleep then so I spent several hours with her sleeping inclined on me.  Gavin got up with our kiddos and let me sleep in.  #husbandoftheyear  I woke up to Treyton building himself a fort on the couch.


Gavin cleaned the garage floor so they all played out there for a bit.

Worked on a little ball handling. ;-)

If there is something to climb in, they will find it!

Even Mya got in on the action.

A lot of our snow has melted already but Treyton went back out to do some shoveling.  #shocking

And the girls escaped out the door and were so excited.  45 degrees after -50 feels like a heat wave!


We went over to a family friend's house for the Super Bowl and the kiddos played in a ball pit.  Sarah, who is much like a sister and I grew up with, had a little guy two months after the girls were born and it's so fun to see them play and grow up together.

We drove home in ridiculous fog during half time and called it a night before 10!

I hope that you had a great weekend as well and pray that you are recharged for the week ahead!
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