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With all of our extreme cold and snow days, this past week of school was our first full week in quite some time, and I was drained!  Gavin was also in Scottsdale, AZ golfing with some buddies since Tuesday so I was real ready for the weekend!

I need to give our family and friends a big shout out!  I don't love accepting help but several times throughout the week while Gavin was gone, they stepped in and let me get out of the house on my own or with just part of my tribe.  I am so thankful that we are surrounded by so many of our family members and friends.  It truly takes a village and we are so appreciative.

My parents invited us out to supper Friday night, in which I requested we get the food to go and eat it at their house.  We have taken our kids out to eat quite a bit but it is always a lot of work, and I just wasn't up for the challenge.  Nothing says small town Iowa than some fried fish, coleslaw, and french fries.
Our girls spent most of their night in these little rocking chairs that my parents have.  They thought they were pretty big when they could get in and out on their own and even make them rock.  One of the rocking chairs is actually one that my great grandpa made.  There may have been some pushing involved as they both tried to pile into one chair. #andsoitbegins
We tend to start our weekend off with some pancakes.  Treyton has declared it, "Pancake Saturday".  I try to make a double batch so I can freeze some for the rest of the week.
Treyton, a friend, and I went to a trampoline park Saturday morning, and this dude NEVER stopped running, jumping, or giggling.  We are ready for summer when we spend a large portion of our day outside on the move and on our own trampoline in the backyard.
My mom stayed home with the girls as they just aren't quite ready to jump with a bunch of other kids.  Gavin's parents stopped by as well and dropped off some Valentine's gifts for the kids.
Some friends and their little one came over Saturday night for supper.  Once again, it is wonderful to have such great friends that help break up the weekend!  I made some super simple chicken cordon bleu.  I clearly wasn't on my A game with picture taking....
This monkey figured out how to climb up on our fireplace Sunday morning.  I caught a pic as she was getting herself down.  She was so proud of herself...and I instantly saw additional bruises to her poor little melon.
Payton and Jamison were in the process of cleaning downstairs when this helpful hand thought he'd bring me some popcorn from the night before.  Jamison sent me a text with this picture and captioned it, "The Vacuum" as Treyton sat there and ate it.
During the girls' morning nap I sat down and planned out what we're going to eat for the week.  Heading to the grocery store in the snow with all three of our kids sounded miserable, so I hopped online and ordered everything.  Around 5:00 I got an email saying my order was ready so we ran into town quick and picked everything up right before supper!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love grocery pick up?!?! #momhack #gamchanger
We got another couple of inches of snow Sunday morning so I bundled everyone up and pulled them around on the sled for a while.  The girls really struggled to stay sitting so we switched to the wagon.  I was drenched by the time we headed back in for lunch.
The girls were on the brink of falling asleep.  Fresh air does us all wonders!
  They both beg to go outside when Treyton heads out and loved every minute of being out in the snow.  
Tay wore Treyton's old snow gear!

Jamison came upstairs to have some ice cream for lunch.... That only meant one thing--he got to share it with three little people.  Trynlee couldn't get the spoon back in her mouth fast enough.
I have been asking Gavin to hang things on our walls for several months and even tried to guilt Jamison into helping him several times, but they hadn't ever gotten to it.  Jamison, however, had a work van at the house for the weekend so I was able to finally get a couple more things hung up.
He had LOTS of help. 
At one point he asked for me to write a measurement down because Treyton was asking too many questions for him to remember what he had just figured out.
This just melts my heart though!  Treyton is so lucky to have such great role models in his life!  I can see lots of carpentry in his future.
We whipped up some homemade flatbread pizzas for supper but this was the only picture I remembered to take.  They were delicious and all three of my kids even ate the zucchini and squash on theirs.
The favorite part of our weekend by far, though, was when Daddy got home right at bedtime!  We were all excited to see him, and I was even more excited to have help with bedtime!

I hope that you had a great weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.  We are in for SEVERAL more rounds of winter weather.  I just looked on the forecast and we are looking at 6-9 inches tomorrow night and another storm Valentine's day.  I have a feeling I will be teaching until July 4th this year. #summercomeback

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  1. We love that Hy-Vee has the grocery pick up option! Did you know that they also deliver to us out here? We call it our grocery party! It’s really nice to have this as an option, only downfall is that you have to order it the day before.


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