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Welcome back for another peek inside our home! 

I am excited to share with you today---our master bedroom.  Next to all of the family time spent in our living room, our master bedroom is probably the most calming room in our house.  It's simple, generally organized, and I would choose to lay in bed and read or watch TV than to sit on the couch.

I'll try to link things if you're interested but if I miss something just ask!

Come on in!!
We had the Amish make our bed.  I actually found a picture and DIY plan online and he only took the picture from me!
Our bedding is from Ballard Design.  The exact link is HERE.  I also love THESE plain white sheets from Amazon.  They are $30 and are a decent quality.  I hate spending a lot of money on white sheets when I know that I will inevitably be replacing them.
The lamps and picture frame are from Walmart! :-) If you are willing to look for items and watch items until they go on sale, Walmart can be a good spot!  I also love my Apple device stand.  I can charge my phone wirelessly, my watch, and my AirPods all in one place.  It does require three outlets but I've been really happy with it.  You can find that HERE.   We also each have an Owlet on our night stands and we LOVE them.  You can find those HERE.

If you are looking to team up with some friends or are a grandparent looking to buy a quality item, this would probably be one of my biggest recommendations!
I'm working on finding something to hang on our walls but I don't mind them just being simple either.
Gavin has a different wireless charger for his iPhone and Apple watch.  It can be found HERE.  He also has the monitor that we use to see all of our munchkins.  This would probably be my top baby registry item.  You can find our exact model HERE.  We've had great luck with it and Motorola has been easy to work with if something doesn't work.
I got this sign from Smallwoods.  They run some really good deals if you sign up for their emails.
 I have officially not decorated our bathroom at all.
Our main level laundry is in our closet and I would NEVER go away from it.  I love having everything right there.  My only thing I would do differently would be to have a door so I could close it off and not have to look at it.  Laundry is my biggest weakness.  I despise folding it!
And our closet!

Hope you enjoyed another peak inside our house! I will be back next week with our kiddos bedrooms and will hopefully get to our basement in a couple of weeks! 

Have a great day and don't forget to check back later in the week!!

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