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Oooofta!  I wasn't sure I was going to make it to today, friends!  Lol!  I was trying to figure out why this week has felt soooo long, and on top of having conferences on Monday night, this has been our first FULL week since the beginning of January.  In those 7 weeks, we have had nine snow days, a handful of late starts, and a couple of early outs due to the snow.  This week, we had conferences, all the grading and planning, girls night out, and our school Informance.
I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals today to share my Friday Favorites!  I'm not going to lie though, I had a great week but I took a very small amount of pictures.

I had 10 conferences Monday night, and while it makes for a really long day, I love getting to share with my students' parents.  It is crazy how much kids grow from the beginning of third grade, and I love getting to show them examples of how great they're doing! I have to admit, though, that I don't ever really feel nervous but I get sooooooo hot for them.  It's ridiculous.

I made it home just in time to play a little Count Your Chickens before tucking Treyton in for the night.

In my classroom this year, I have really worked on the social and emotional learning aspect of my students' lives.  I am piloting a new curriculum for next year, and on Tuesday my students brainstormed a list of people that work in our building that are NOT classroom teachers.  They then selected one of these people and interviewed them with a partner.  Gosh, I loved seeing them use good conversation skills and light up when they learned something fun.  Our main goal was to really learn what these people do in our building and how to show them respect.
Tuesday was our only normal night of the week so it was nice to all be home for bedtime and a chance to get everything cleaned up and ready for the next day.
We had BBQ chicken pizzas which we a fan favorite!  Trynlee especially just couldn't get enough.  If you'd like the recipe, you can find it HERE.  Just a little healthier option than normal pizza.

I actually got out of the house and went out to eat with some friends Wednesday night so we did our best to get supper going before Daddy got home.  The girls are going through a bit of a clingy phase so I got them in their seats early to avoid them clinging to my legs.
Melissa and Doug has some awesome water color books.
I found some puff balls in our craft drawer and just handed each of them a snack cup.  They LOVED this!
And Treyton is dying to be able to dig outside in his sandbox.  We just threw some dry black beans in a cake pan, and he seriously sat there for over an hour and told stories about his skid loader and pushing snow.
Treyton wanted to come to my school Informance to see my students sing and dance.  We don't have a Christmas concert but our performance for the year includes each grade singing a couple of songs and also something they have learned in PE.  He LOVED getting to see all of our ski club kiddos.  About half way through though, he was starting to lose interest, and I pulled out an ice cream bribe.  We swung by Dairy Queen on our way home.
Uncle Jamison had some buddies over for the Iowa game, and they were playing Catan when we got home.  Treyton is learning all sorts of bartering skills.

I plan on capturing a "normal" weekend of pictures and will have those to share next week!  Have a great Friday, and I hope you have a chance to recharge this weekend!  I'll be back Monday!!

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