Friday Favorites!!

by Gavin and Kylie Plus 4, 4:30 AM
Happppppy Friday, Friends!!

I'll be totally honest!  I've been in pure survival mode this week.  Between attempting to get caught up at home, stay caught up at school, and not get sick myself (aka get some sleep), there just wasn't time to sit down at my computer before bed to blog.   I thought we were going to be good to go after the flu-apocalypse that took over our house last weekend but it just kind of continued to linger.  I think that Taylor is FINALLY starting to feel better.  We ended up taking her in to the doctor but they weren't really able to give us any answers other than it was probably just lingering symptoms.  
But...I'm back (kinda--lacking pictures) today and have some fun posts planned for next week!

My absolute favorite thing of this week has been the weather!  After and LONNGGGG winter, spring finally feels like it has arrived and the warmer temperatures have been welcomed with open arms.  We have played outside every night from the minute we have gotten home until supper time and then even after supper most nights until bed time.  It has me all sorts of ready summer!
Treyton has also gotten to wear shorts at home and it has been his absolute FAVORITE thing ever!

Hearing our kids giggle after being sick for several days has also been my FAVORITE sound.
We moved some of the big toys from our living rom and downstairs to our upper deck and the kids have been playing out there while I cook supper.  Did I mention the weather has been our FAVORITE!
With all of the germs (and interesting odors) that come along with sick kids, my Young Living diffuser and Lysol have been FAVORITE household items.  They've been used and used and used!

My pictures were pretty slim pickins' this week.  I'm telling ya...the stomach bug is to blame!  I'm really hoping that Monday will find me totally caught up and ready to go for next week.

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