Trip to LA: Days 4 & 5

by Gavin and Kylie Plus 4, 4:30 AM
Phew!  After two days at theme parks, we were WIPED OUT!  Our kids had done fantastic with zero routine and limited naps.  I knew we were needing a little bit more of a relaxed day.

As relaxed as LA traffic gets....... #never

We hung out around the house Friday morning, played some Jenga, I did some laundry (coming home with suitcases full of clean laundry was glorious), and let the girls take a morning nap in their beds.

We went to the City Walk for lunch at none other than Margaritaville.  We were there to eat at noon and had about the whole restaurant to ourselves.  We watched a couple of kids attempt their luck at "air diving."  They were in a glass room/tube with a big fan at the bottom and wore what looked like an oversized 1980s wind suit.  They'd turn on the fan and the instructor would help the kiddos spread their arms and legs and "sky dive" like 4 foot off the ground.

While at the City Walk, I may have found the game Catan and bought it for Kolt and Emmy.  It's safe to say they're hooked as well.

From there we hopped back in our cars, that we parked in the biggest parking garage I've ever seen, and headed out to the Santa Monica Pier.  Kolton had warned us that it would be busy, and he wasn't wrong.  I don't know what I was expecting but it was much older and run down than what I had pictured.  

We walked to the end to see the ocean and then headed down to the beach for a while.  It was our warmest day by far so we stuck around for a bit and dug in the sand.  I'm fairly certain if you asked Treyton what his favorite thing of the whole trip was, he would tell you digging at the beach.  Ya know, since we don't have a massive sand box in our back yard or anything.  The ocean was officially freezing!
It took Tay a little bit to warm up to the sand but she finally sat down and loved it.  Trynlee freaked out anytime her feet got close to touching and leached on to me.  My dad's was plenty sore after several days of lots of walking so he had volunteered to hang out with out strollers so Trynlee and I headed back to him and she was happy as a clam to take her spot and have a snack.
We took about 20 pictures and this was about as good as it got.
We were all dragging at this point in the day and decided to just head back and order some pizza for supper.  Due to our kiddos age and inability to move around supper time, we seemed to always seemed to leave for somewhere in the middle of rush hour.  At one point on our way home, our GPS said 13 miles and 1 hour and 18 minutes.  Holy smokes!  It was fun to drive along the streets in Santa Monica though, there were a lot of cute little shops.
We wrapped up the night with some pizza and taught everyone how to play Catan.
The morning brought about several more rounds of Catan, intense bartering, packing, and cleaning up.  We had to be out around 11 so we headed to the airport to start our trip back home.  Our rental car return was much less exciting and stressful than the beginning of the trip.  #thankthelord  Our flights home were about the same as on the way out.  Taylor and Treyton slept or did pretty well.  Trynlee....still cried.  I even had an older lady come talk to me twice about how how mad she was.  Yes, honey, I am well aware.  I was a sweaty mess, slightly embarrassed, and totally defeated.  After a 30 minute layover (enough time to grab some food) in Denver, I got our seats changed so we were right across the aisle from each other, and we had three happy kids on our last flight.  They finally feel asleep with about 5 minutes until we landed!  

Nothing like an Iowa winter to welcome us home with some snow to drive home in!
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