Trip to LA: Disneyland!!

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The day we were all sooo excited about!


We started our morning off early and left our house by 6:30 so that we could make it there, get parked, and to Goofy's Kitchen for breakfast with the characters.  If you had asked Treyton before our trip what we were going to be doing, we would have told you we were going to eat breakfast with Goofy.  He was sooooo excited!  In fact, he thought Goofy lived with Kolton and Emmy for quite some time prior to our trip.
It took us about an hour and a half to get there and then parking became a real big struggle.  Next time, I will plan out where we are going to park as well.  We lost Kolton in traffic so we were both trying to find the same spot.  Needless to say, our 20 minutes to get parked and to Goofy's kitchen turned into 5 minutes and I power walked with a double stroller a mile and a half to get there with only a couple of minutes to spare before they let our reservation go.  Ooofta!  I was panicking that Treyton wasn't going to get to do the one thing he was most excited bout.

Breakfast went great!  Treyton actually got close to the characters, and I got the chance to stop sweating from my unplanned workout!
When Uncle Kolt and Emmy take you to the breakfast buffet, you come back with an ice cream cone.  It was vacation, right?!

After breakfast, we made the quick walk through Downtown Disney and into the park!  And holy moly, the sea of strollers was unbelievable!  If nothing else, my faith in humanity was restored a bit as we left our stroller completely packed with our belongings in stroller parking at every ride throughout the day and came back to everything still there.

Guys!  Disney, plain and simple, has things figured out!  They know how to get people in line effectively.  It's clean.  The "cast members" aka workers know the ins and outs of everything.  And it was super clean!
My one piece of advice--get the FAST PASS!  It is worth every stinking penny!  We were able to ride double the amount of rides and the wait times were manageable with three little kids only because we all had fast passes.  Almost every ride had two lines--the standby lane and the fast pass lane.  The fast pass lane moved remarkably faster.  Emmy was a pro at securing us fast passes as quickly as she could and knew what rides Treyton would be able to ride.  It was all done through their app and we were able to link our group in our apps so that she could get all of us a fast pass for the same ride.   It only allows you to have a fast pass for one ride at a time and will only allow you to get one every so often, so you have to check back in on your phone throughout the day.  It was slick and easy to use.
Treyton's favorite ride by far was Buzz Lightyears.  He could have rode it all day and was disappointed he was able to ride it two times in a row like at Six Flags.  We were able to ride it 3 or 4 different times though with Fast Passes.  You ride in a cart and had a gun to shoot at targets throughout the ride.  My brother and Emmy have even researched how to get the most points on the ride.  They are slightly competitive.
We attempted to buy him several different things throughout the day, and the whole time the only thing he wanted was a skidloader.  #notshocking After riding the Buzz ride several times though, he did finally want a Buzz arm.  It can grab and spin and we has played with it nonstop since he got it.
These pictures of the girls accurately describe their personalities right now!
The girls took some decent stroller naps while we continued to ride some rides so we just traded off who stayed with them and who went on the ride.
Experiencing Disney with a 3 year old was truly magical.  No, he wasn't old enough or tall enough to do a lot of things, but he was just so excited about everything he did get to do.  We would be standing in line for something, and he would whisper to Gavin and I that he loved us.
Gosh I love this little boy so much!

We had such a fun day!  I am excited to go to Disney World and/or possibly a Disney cruise in the future when they are all a bit older as well!  I remember it from when I was younger and I know they will love that just as much.

Tomorrow, I will have our last couple of days in LA!  Make sure you check back to see what we were up to!

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