Vacation Vs. Trip

by Gavin and Kylie Plus 4, 5:02 AM
Happy Monday!  

Phew! Today is our first day back to reality after being gone for a week.  I'd love to say I had a post of the first part of our trip ready to go for today but that just didn't happen!

We rolled up to our house at about 1am Sunday morning, and Gavin and I needed an entire day to relax.  Other than making food for our kids, playing, and changing diapers, we didn't do much.

It is safe to say a vacation with kids isn't really a vacation but rather a trip!  I loved every second with my brother and his girlfriend, Emmy, seeing where they live, going to Six Flags, Disneyland, and the beach, but being back home has been wonderful.
So tomorrow, friends!  Tomorrow I will have a post all about our first day of travel and our day at Six Flags!

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