Weekend Recap & It's My Birthday!

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Happy Monday, Friends!

March 11th is such a good day! :-)  Today is my birthday!  I can officially say it feels like just another day, and I am perfectly okay with that.  I feel super blessed to be happy and content with my daily life--my family, my job, and my house.  I love that God has granted me another day to be with my husband, my kids, and my students.  I've got a big one coming up next year so I'm going to live my last year in my 20s to the fullest.

Grab your caffeinated drink of choice and read on for a little....

Saturday morning started off with waffles and yoga!  I headed to an hour of hot yoga while Gavin and the munchkins enjoyed some waffles.  

Grandpa Brad and Kayson stopped by to go appliance shopping with Jamison and Payton.  Treyton and Kayson decided that playing would be much more fun, so Kayson stuck around with us and they played, giggled, and played some more.  Treyton was in HEAVEN having a big kid to play with all morning.
They built with the magna-tiles--walls, shops, cages...
There were lots of Nerf gun bullets flying every where...including right at my camera.
They dug and they dug and they dug!
The one pan of beans just wasn't cutting it so we pulled out a pan of rice as well.

I was on a mission to wash every last piece of dirty laundry, fold it, get it put away, and even wash all of our linens.  I'm not sure our wash machine quit other than the hours we slept.  Such a great feeling when you get it all done.
I've been wanting to get my nails done for several months, and I finally made it happen.  I had a gift certificate to use but since Mother Nature thought freezing rain snow sounded like a good idea, I just swung into town real quick.  Someone rubbing my feet while I sit in a massage chair is glorious to me!
We ordered Casey's pizza Saturday night.  Gavin and Jamison weren't up for cooking apparently.  After supper, Taylor was ready for bed and went and got her pillow and blanket and brought it to us.  She snuggled right on in with Uncle Jamison.
We ended our night with a game of Catan and some Dairy Queen.
Hi!  My name is Kylie, and I can be a sore loser! ;-)  I got surrounded by everyone else's settlements and may or may not have declared I was never playing again.  Lol! 

Gavin was sooooo surprised, maddened, and upset with our sock basket. I like to call it sock salad!  Lol!  Whenever I am short on time when folding laundry, I just throw all of the socks into a basket and have grand plans of coming back to them at some point and matching them all.  Let's just say it has been a while and we spent the better part of an hour matching and folding socks with three kids attempting to help.  So glad that's done!
I ran to Scheels and Target quick while everyone Gavin and the kiddos either watched basketball or napped.  I was due for some new tennis shoes and we needed some snacks for the week.
Nothing screams an Iowa comfort meal more than steak and potatoes!  After shoveling a new path to the grill, we were good to go.  Trynlee LOVES herself some steak!  Gavin couldn't get it cut up fast enough for her.
We ended our weekend with tidying up the house and getting ready for the week!  These three enjoyed our time at home and some clean blankeys.
Have a fantastic week!
I won't have another post up until next Monday!  I am going to enjoy Spring Break to the fullest with my kiddos and family.  Make sure to check back next Monday for lots of pictures!

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