Weekend Recap

by Gavin and Kylie Plus 4, 4:30 AM

This weekend was one that I'm not sure I will forget in the near future...even though I would kind of like to.  Lol!
Two words could really explain the entirety of our weekend...


Hence the reason this post is a day late!

Gavin and I seemed to steer clear of the plague that attacked our house, thank goodness, but our poor kids took a beating.  And I say stomach flu because that is my best guess.  If my girls aren't 100% today, I will be taking them in.  We did our best to keep them hydrated and feel like we kept up on that fairly decently but the girls just couldn't seem to kick it.  

I'll spare you lots of details but here is what our weekend consisted of...
Thursday afternoon I got a text from daycare saying that our girls were repeatedly getting sick!  I wrapped things up at school as quickly as I could and got there as soon as I could.  My lanta!  Having one toddler that doesn't really know what to do when they are sick is one thing.  Having two that don't know what to do is a disaster.

I have to give a huge shout out to one of our daycare loves!  She dealt with the situation wonderfully, even though I know she may have felt a little panicky.  For not being a mom yet or having dealt with that before, I walked in to her sitting on the floor with the girls totally comforted.  Broke her in real fast! ;-)
Poor Tay struggled the most and while I absolutely LOVED all of the extra snuggles, I would have much rather enjoyed them for different reasons.
The girls just kind of moved around the living room attempting to get themselves comfortable.
I lined our living room rug with blankets and towels because they didn't give us a whole lot of warning about anything.
I took several showers, hence the no makeup, and changed my own clothes several times. 
On Thursday night, Treyton couldn't quite understand what was happening to the girls.  He found out all too quickly on Friday how they felt.
He moved from the recliner, to the couch, and back to the floor all day long.
While I don't have any glamorous pictures of it, a lot of my weekend consisted of laundry and more laundry.  Actually, I surprised my washing machine isn't broken or something because I'm not sure it ever stopped.
We are going to be hosting a murder mystery party shortly so I assigned characters and sent out the actual invites.  I'm soooo excited!  I've never done one before but have heard good reviews.  I'll make sure to do a recap of our night once it has happened!

By Sunday, I thought we had turned the corner and we spent some time outside since the weather was pretty nice.  I think we all needed a little fresh air.
I may not have won the game of PIG between Gavin, Jamison, Payton and I, but I did knock this guy out! :-)  He may have even gotten his first letter after I made a shot granny style.
 We wrapped up our weekend with some magnet towers, baths, and....
The girls getting sick again.
So when I said we had the stomach flu, I can't say I am totally sure what we had going on.  I feel like I generally hear that is a 24 hour thing.  They stayed home with Grandma on day 5 of this nasty bug but had a much better day.  I'm hoping that today is much better and we can finally attempt to sanitize our house of this junk!

Here's to a much healthier week hopefully!

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