Come on In: Treyton's Room

by Gavin and Kylie Plus 4, 4:30 AM
Come on in to Treyton's Room!

I feel like his room is 100% toddler boy and it works perfectly for him!  It is also the first room that the girls would choose to play in so I feel like that is a win-win.

I ended up taking some pictures with my camera and some with my phone as the windows were just really messing with the lighting.  This first picture is standing in his doorway!
We bought his bunk bed off of a Facebook For Sale group and it has worked great!  He loves to take naps on the top bunk and we make him sleep on the bottom bunk at night so we can get to the bathroom quickly. ;-)  My ABSOLUTE LEAST favorite thing about his room is making those darn beds.  In all honesty, his top bunk has probably only been washed and remade once since we've moved in.  No one has actually slept in it other than for a nap so I'm not worrying about it yet.
His dresser actually matches our cribs and the Amish made the set when we were first expecting him.  It was initially going to go in the nursery but when we found out we were going to need room for two cribs, it just worked best in his room when we moved.  After having that made and loving it, the trim in our house actually matches it.  

The top of his dresser is lined with mainly things he doesn't want his sisters touching.  :-)   
--He does sleep with his lamp on and we also always put lavender in his diffuser before bed.  
--The white auger was 3D printed by Uncle Kolton and is battery powered to move beans up and into the bin.  
--That darn fish came home with him from the Tatroe family and I'm not sure how it is still living to be honest. 
--The Marshal piggy bank is from my Grandma Rottink and they now get quarters for every holiday to put in it.
The double doors are his closet and seems to store everything kid related that isn't out in the living room.  The girls absolutely LOVE playing in that tent and it is an all time favorite hiding place for every kid that comes to play.  Last and not least, is his toy box.  I don't really know all of the details but know that it was Gavin's and my Grandpa Debban repainted it for us when we moved into our house.  I love that my grandparents have touches in his room and that they have gotten to be apart of his life.
Treyton calls that stuffed animal a bear and Gavin and I go back and forth between what we think it is.  Lol!  I got his bedding at Target and it is the Pillowfort brand, along with Mr. Bear.  Please note the farm equipment.  There is not a single night that some sort of machine doesn't go to bed with him.  My mom also has made each of our kids a little pillow with their name embroidered on the pillowcase that they all love.  That pillow even flew to LA with us.
I just LOVE this verse and hope all of my kids believe it with their whole hearts!
And it wouldn't be a true tour of his room without a picture of all of his farm equipment.  He uses under his bed and his closet to park his diggers as they aren't quite as big as these massive pieces.

Have a great Thursday!!
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