Easter--Part 2

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We kicked off out family Easter celebrations with Gavin's mom and step-dad on Friday night.  We have 9 grandkids 5 and under.  They love being with each other 95% of the time and generally play really well together.  It's a tad chaotic to say the least!
With the lens I had on my camera in the basement, I couldn't get far enough away to fit everyone in one picture...nor would they sit close enough together for long enough to actually get them all at once.  The two three year old boys on each end prove to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to pictures.
We will have to recreate this some day!
Grandma Carol and Taylor checking out the loot from all of the Easter eggs.
Trynlee wanted to wear a pair of bunny ears.
The slinkies were hot commodities. 
Taylor figured out the egg hunt really quickly!  (and lost interest rather quickly as well!  Lol)
All of the big kids wanted to open the eggs as they went.
Tay was so excited just to carry the bucket around.
A cupcake full of M&Ms that my mom won't let me eat. :-)
Searching high and low!

Ker and Ely watching the chaos!
Serious business...that Rottink tongue is proof that his mind is working!
Oh Ely!  Such a happy little dude!
I mean, that's one way to drive a car.... Grandma's playroom is the best!
Emree, who is 5, definitely was the most competitive at the egg hunt and really understood the importance of going quickly before opening her eggs!!
Kayson and Klay
And Miss Elin didn't do too poorly either!

We had such a great night and were reminded once again of how blessed we are to be surrounded by our family.  We are also sooo fortunate to live near {right next door} to Gavin's brother which allows  our kids to grow up with each other.  They will be forever grateful to have built in besties!  Gavin's other brother, Collin, and his family don't live that far away either and our boys LOVE spending time together...and getting dirty. :-)

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