Easter--Part 3

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Part 3 and FINAL post about Easter!
I just had too many pictures to include because to be honest, some day when my kids ask my for a baby book, I am going to tell them to come righhhttt here! :-) I have SOME other dates and milestones written down, but I'd be lying if I got it all.

On Saturday, we hosted my family which is relatively small.  My kids are also the only littles so they get lots of love.  My cousin's kiddos are 9 and 11 so they were thrilled to get to hide eggs for my kids.  We grilled and had a bonfire.  It was perfection!
Taylor is loving the sand box.  I have a feeling we will be spending lots of hours out there this summer.
I made a scavenger hunt for Austin and Addison.  They each had 6 eggs that contained clues that were hidden around our yard.  I may or may not have sent Austin on a few long distance runs.  They each had a 1 pound Reeces waiting for them at the end.
Master egg hider!
Taylor can say, "Papa" and loves him to hold her.  I'm not sure who is more in heaven.
Tryn enjoyed carrying her Halloween bucket around. #momwasntprepared
Addi searching for her first clue!
My grandma joined us outside and even sat at the bonfire for several hours!  I just love that she still get to experience these things with us.
Trynlee is getting more used to the sand finally.
Austin found his grand prize buried in the sandbox.

Our kiddos woke up Easter morning to baskets left by the Easter bunny and eggs scattered around out house.
"Look what I found, Mom!"
She was so proud of herself when she would get one all on her own!
That darn bunny hid them all over the place!
Our kids don't really believe in sleeping in!
This was the only picture I really got of their Easter baskets. :(
After some breakfast, we all cleaned up and kind of made it to church on time.  We were actually on time but the Community Center and the Sanctuary were both full with lots of guests, so we ended up sitting in the commons.  Our church had it all set up for this so it was just as good.  Our kids didn't cry at Sunday School drop off, too terribly, so I will call that a big ol' win!
This is as good as it gets, folks!

After some decent naps, we hosted Gavin's parents and siblings Sunday night.  It was pretty low key and fairly early because we also tackled....FAMILY PICTURES...with 17 of us!  It went remarkably well actually.  Other than a certain 3 year old that chose to be difficult for parts of the pictures.  I am praying that we get at least 1 good one!
Tryn wore this adorable romper!  I wish I could get one in my size that looked that good.
Tay wore this cute denim dress.....and played in the sand.  This is me to a T!  I just am not a girly girl and am loving seeing this out of my own girls!
The night ended with lots of cousin time outside and lots of bribery to come in before dark!

Phew!  I think I'm finally done! Don't miss Friday Favorites tomorrow!

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