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This week has flown by, yet I am thankful it is Friday.  I am ready for a weekend with my kiddos at home!  I am linking up for Friday Favorites today!
While I know the quality of this picture is terrible, we've still been talking lots about "dancing"--aka running around outside--at the wedding!  I loved my dress as well and the price couldn't be beat.  I definitely recommend Lulus.
Getting to spend time with my cousins was wonderful!
When we got home Sunday, Gavin and I were really looking forward to the house picking up itself and our kids putting themselves to bed. HA!  This kid was ready to GO after spending the day in the car!  Magnatiles continue to be a big hit at our house!
While I had great intentions of getting groceries ordered over the weekend, it didn't happen and our fridge was empty!  That meant these three got to join me at the grocery store after work on Monday.  I LOVEEEE my kids.  I, however, do not love taking them to the grocery store.  Did you know though that you can get a cookie from the bakery at HyVee for your tag alongs?!  Seriously a life saver!  Treyton also spotted his favorite "donut store" juice (Gavin always gets him one of these and a donut from Kwik Star on their way to the farm.) so I grabbed each of them one of these and paid for three empty bottles at the cash register.  Totally worth them sitting happily in the cart while I darted around grabbing enough to get us through the week.
If you missed my Let's Look post from earlier in the week, you can read it HERE.  Our pantry is definitely a FAVORITE thing about our house.
The giggles that I hear come from the pantry are also a FAVORITE of mine. I don't know why they like playing in there so much, but they do!  All three of them go in, close the doors, and take things off the shelves and rearrange everything.
It's typically a small disaster by the end of the night but the fact that they entertain themselves so well in there is worth it.
Trynlee has really mastered using a fork, and the spaghetti that Gavin made Wednesday night was definitely her FAVORITE!  She devoured several servings.
Taylor is still working on the whole fork thing but a FAVORITE of hers at supper time is feeding the dog. :-) 
My cousin, Aubrey, came back from San Diego for our cousin Jenni's wedding and then spent the week at home.  She's a pastry chef and is killing it at her new business.  She asked if she could use our kitchen and left us with lots of goodies.
Our kids sniffed these bad boys out the second we walked in the door, so we all enjoyed a treat as I got supper going.  It's all about moderation right?!  Cookies at the grocery store on Monday and cookies before supper on Thursday..
They definitely approved of the cookies!  She even left us a couple dozen in the fridge that Gavin baked when he got home.  They're sooo good. My kids are going to be disappointed the next time I make cookies.
Treyton got this excavator for Christmas, I believe!  It came as pieces and was a kit to put together so I stashed it away in his closet for a rainy day activity. He's been begging to put it together with Gavin for a couple of weeks, and thanks to Mother Nature's, we had just the night to get it out. 

Side note--I put a lot of my kids' birthday and Christmas presents away without getting them out of the box.  After Treyton's first couple of holidays, it was very apparent that he got overwhelmed with everything and then didn't really play with any of it.  We let them open a couple of their favorites and then stash everything else away.  We then slowly pull out the rest of them over the next couple of months.  We are SUPER APPRECIATIVE of everything that our family gets them, and I swear that they play with the toys SO MUCH MORE by doing this.  Instead of having a dozen new things at once, we pull out one at a time, and each item gets that "new toy" excitement.
I took this screenshot from a video actually which is why it is a bit blurry.  Our girls are starting to interact with and babble at each other more and more, and I love getting to see their relationship form.
This blurry photo is also from a video.  Probably our FAVORITE thing of the week was the weather we had Monday and Tuesday.  We spent almost every minute of each night outside, got to bed a bit late, and loved every minute of the fresh air.  After our 237 month winter, it felt so good to be outside without bundling up.  Mother Nature didn't want us to get too comfortable though.  The last two days have been 40, super windy, with lots of rain and strong winds.
The girls are getting a little more comfortable walking around in the grass and exploring our yard....and even the field.

Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy every minute of your weekend!  I will be back on Monday with a Weekend Recap!

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