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I'm linking up again today for another edition of Friday Favorites!!  Easter was by far a favorite but I've done my fair share of post those pictures so I've got a random selection of stuff for today's post!
I've been trying really hard to get back to clean eating this week!  It just blows my mind how great I feel when I do this!  Now if all of the Easter candy would vanish from my house, I'd be golden!  These are all from Kara Swanson at Life Well Lived and are SUPER simple and decently quick to make.
Lemon Asparagus Chicken
Shrimp Veggie Tacos
Bruschetta Chicken
I know there will be a day (too soon) that I don't enjoy their love for shoes, but for right now it is adorable and rather entertaining.  Every night, they pull out just about every pair of shoes in their drawer and try them all on.  Last night, Taylor had a snow boot and a sparkly Mary Jane shoe one time.  
Gavin has been getting home late from the farm this week so hasn't been getting up to work out with me.  I came upstairs to this one morning and I just LOVE when our kids wake up a bit early for some snuggles.  Trynlee has been really attached to me lately so Gav enjoyed every minute of this.
The weather!  Plain and simple has been a favorite this week!  It hasn't been perfect by any means but we have been in dire need of some Vitamin D.  I might finally be able to put their snow pants away.   Just kidding!  We have snow in the forecast on Saturday!  #WHYYYYYYY
This steamer has changed my life and it has been a new morning FAVORITE!!  I hate ironing just about as much as I hate laundry so this has eased the pain a little bit.  If you don't have one, I highly recommend getting one.  It was only $22 on Amazon.  Click HERE for the link.
Getting Snapchats like this during the day are another FAVORITE!  I love that they get to go out and do things once in a while!

I don't think this is really a favorite but it did give me a good laugh.  Taylor is always throwing Mya food but she took it to a whole new level last night when she was feeding her straight from her fork...over and over.
Nothing says Spring like fresh cut flowers!

Have a fantastic FRIDAY and enjoy every minute of your weekend!  We have lots of rain in the forecast so Gavin might actually be home some which I am excited for.  

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