Sickness Strikes AGAIN!

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Good morning and happy Thursday!

We have school off tomorrow for Good Friday so today is a good day!

I had grand intentions of having 5 posts up this week and actually have most of the started or almost completely done.  I really just needed to take some pictures and get them uploaded--which is kind of painful with our turtle speed internet.


Treyton woke up Sunday night with a high fever and a terrible cough.  Tylenol and/or Motrin really weren't touching it so he has been miserable!  I figured it was just viral due to other kids at daycare having similar symptoms and finding out it was a virus at the doctors.  
A 102 temp though was taking its toll on him and my mother-in-law, who was watching him on Tuesday, texted to let me know his fever just kept climbing.  After a call into our pediatrician, we went right in, ended up with some chest x-rays, and he landed himself with a pneumonia diagnosis.
After several round of antibiotics, he has been fever free for a day now and heading in the right direction.
Taylor also has a double ear infection.  Both girls also have a junky sounding cough.  So after some
breathing treatments, and zero sleep for us, we are limping into the weekend!

I'm hoping to get a Friday Favorites post up tomorrow but that's not 100%.  I'll for sure be back on Monday with a recap of our Easter weekend!

Have a great weekend! 
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