Weekend Recap--Easter Part 1

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Whoa!  Weekends like this one are a quick reminder of how blessed we are.  Not only did we celebrate Jesus rising from the grave, but we celebrated it over and over with our families for three straight days!  I'm always afraid that our kids get side tracked with the candy and the Easter Bunny, which they definitely do, but when I asked Treyton why we were celebrating, he told me Jesus had risen.  #hallelujah #parentingwin

Today's post is going to focus on Wednesday-Thursday!  I'll get to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in a post later this week.

First up, dying Easter eggs!  I had planned on doing them earlier in the week but when Treyton came down with pneumonia, we were just hoping to get them in before the weekend.  He started doing a bit better on Wednesday, so we tackled them that night. 

The girls each got to do one egg before they just got a snack!
This egg may or may not have ended up on the floor.
So exciting!

Final product!!
I can't brag about our daycare enough!  Not only do our kids absolutely love them.  They do preschool activities, spread God's word, and then do fantastic photo shoots like this.
Treyton still wasn't feeling 100% so wasn't thrilled with a photo shoot.
But, I mean.....sooo good!

My heart!
I'm fairly certain they told him Gavin had a pickle on his head or something along those lines to get him to laugh!
And the two cutest bunnies around!

I'll be back tomorrow with more family celebrations!  My plan was to include one of those in this post but it took our internet all NIGHT to get the pictures uploaded.  Hope your week gets off to a great start! 

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