Weekend Recap--Hash Brown Wedding Edition

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My cousin, Jenni, and her fiance, Christopher, tied the know this past weekend, and I was honored to be apart of their big day.  they live in Kansas City and got married at the Boulevard Brewery!  It was absolutely beautiful and the day was perfect!

I officially was TERRIBLE at taking pictures!  My phone was tucked away in a back room most of the wedding and reception.

I took the day off on Friday so that we could make the drive down for the beginning of the festivities.  Gavin had a meeting right away in the morning though and said Treyton could tag along.  I honestly have no idea what the meeting was, couldn't have been overly important as Treyton NEVER stops asking questions on the job site.  Treyton insisted that he wore every piece of clothing that Gavin was wearing....including tall black socks.  See his hammer and tools that he was taking along as well?!
When we got to Kansas City, Gavin dropped me off at a restaurant with Jenni and the rest of the bridesmaids.  We did a little wine tasting and had dinner.  The food was DELICIOUS, and I was reminded that I still don't like wine.
I may or may not have kept the car key with me as Gavin drove away.  He remembered several blocks away and thankfully called to check.  My car will stay running without the key but as soon as you shut it off, it won't turn back on.  #oops They made it back to the wine bar and then headed out for the hotel, for the second time.  At this point, they were totally over being in the car and were hangry.  I called KC Kitchen and Pizzeria and ordered them a pizza to be delivered for when they got there.  

After some continental breakfast, I Ubered to spend the day with the bridal party!  We made place cards, finished up bouquets, and got our hair done.  
I don't have any pictures of the actual ceremony or at Boulevard but had my mom snag some pictures of us out on the terrace where they had their ceremony.
This was about as good as it got! We moved Tryn forward but then no one was looking... #justlookatthecamera #andsmile
We attempted to get a picture of just the two of us.  It went really well as you can see.
My kids adore my grandparents and we are so thankful that they are apart of our lives!  The girls thought they were pretty big stuff sitting up there with Grandpa.
Treyton NEVER stopped moving the entire night.  He could either be found on the dance floor or sprinting back and forth on the terrace.  Or eat cookies.  Lots of cookies.
My cousin, Aubrey, lives in San Diego and has her own pastry and dessert company.  She made all of the cookies for the wedding. I'd hate to know how many my kids and myself ate throughout the night.
She tried really hard to win Trynlee over by the end of the night.  Taylor loved her!
Trynlee enjoyed several cookies.
Didn't my grandma look beautiful?!  So thankful for all of their help all weekend! 
Oh hey!  One picture of the happy couple! 
And one last picture of Trynee and me hanging out outside as it was WAYYY past their bedtime!  See her hair?!  She was over have a pony in.

We attempted to snag a cousin picture.  The lights in the background didn't really do us any favors.
Missing a couple but probably the most that have been in one spot in quite some time!
Jenni and Christopher--We are so happy for you and wish you lots of love and happiness in the years to come!!  We love you!

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