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Happy happy Monday!  This time last week, I felt like I had been through the ringer and was simply surviving one day at a time.  This week is starting off so differently and I have a feeling the week is going to fly by.  I'm prepared to buckle down and hold on for the business.
I declared my kitchen closed Friday after school, partially because I was beat and partially because I was celebrating making it through the week.  I ordered some pizza on my way to get our munchkins from daycare.
We stopped at our public library to kill some time and I remembered once again that we need to take advantage of it more.
Not only do they have such a great selection of books--to check out for FREE--they also have a wonderful children's area with lots of toys.
All three of them were in heaven!  I grabbed a stack of books to check out while they happily played.
Trynlee LOVES herself some pizza and clearly was over my taking pictures.
Taylor has been SOOOO funny lately and has developed quite the facial expressions.  I was trying to get a picture of the pizza she has smeared all over her face and captured this gem.
Gone are the days in which the girls get left behind when there is fun happening outside.  They are the first ones to get their shoes out of the drawer and let you know of their dissapproval if they get stuck inside and know others are outside.
We went down to the burn pile Friday night, which was a mud hole.  Quickly burning garbage turned into having to pull a truck and trailer out.   It was chilly so we watched from inside the ranger.
We had quite the fire going.  Treyton and Elin hung out and all I could hear was they telling each other stories.
We spent Saturday morning and afternoon getting ready for our murder mystery party.  Gavin's parents graciously took our kiddos for the afternoon and kept them overnight.  This gave me the chance to actually get some things done while Gavin went to the farm for a bit.
The theme of the party was "Grillin', Chillin', and Killin'" so I went with backyard picnic decor. 

I have an entire post planned for WEDNESDAY to recap the whole party....without giving too many details!  Make sure you come back to check it out.  But in the meantime, I will leave you with these two gems!
I made a promise to myself that I would sleep in before going to pick them up Sunday morning.  I was wide awake at 6:00 and made myself lay in bed until 7:30 before I woke Gavin up.  I knew that they were loving being with Grandma and Grandpa but man I miss them when they are away.

I was also at our house for the first time ever for an extended period of time on Saturday without kids and it was sooooo weird.  It was way to quiet and I wasn't real sure what to do with myself.
After some long afternoon naps, we just hung out at home and played!  It was only like 40 degrees and a bit windy outside so we didn't stray too far from the living room.  Taylor is really into stacking things right now and actually pretty good at it.
Trynlee on the other hand likes to see how many things she can pick up at one time and gets really frustrated when she can't pick up all of the play cutlery at once.  She however was loving that Treyton was letting they play on his digger.
Check out that tower she built all on her own!  And then check the one in the back beelining to knock it over.  Taylor was such a good sport and would just rebuild it every time Trynlee knocked it over.  I have a good feeling her patience won't last very long.
The boys took everything from the party down to the burn pile and for a little ranger ride after baths and the girls were NOT happy that they didn't get to tag along.  I was able to make them a bit happier by showing them they could watch out the window.
Treyton played with his Legos at the table while the girls snuggled in with Daddy for a book.  I promise Treyton was home the whole day....I apparently didn't get any pictures of him  #momfail
While I didn't take any pictures of the mountain of laundry that I worked on all day, I finally got it all folded AND put away.  We also got EVERYTHING picked up, put away, vacuumed, and wiped down by 8:00.  Seriously the best feeling in the world!  We're starting the week off ahead instead of soooo far behind like last week.
I was in bed typing this by 8:20.  Such a great way to wrap up the week!

Have a fantastic day and great start to your week!

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