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We started the weekend off strong at a fish fry hosted by some of our friends.  
Only in Iowa do all of your friends have large shops or garages that you congregate in.  And we enjoy every minute of it.
There were several dozen kids running around, and we all brought bikes, scooters, and other wheeled toys.  Our girls were the youngest and considering they don't walk in straight lines, I was a tad worried they were going to get taken out by some of the bigger kids.
It's all fun and games until you both want the lawn mower.
Grandma Linda and Grandpa Brad stopped over.  Treyton put on his pads for a mean game of catch.
The girls stacked everything in sight.
We swung over to watch Camryn get ready for prom.
And made a mess as we hung out.
I foresee this donut truck landing at our house some day after Lyvia outgrows it.  I can also see Taylor getting herself stuck in it.  
Ty is 9 years older than Treyton but does such a good job of playing with him.  Treyton talked about riding his own motorcycle the whole way home.
The best weekends are the ones that include big ol' family naps!
While we waited for Gavin to get home and for Treyton to wake up, they tried on about every pair of shoes they could find.  They're obsessed!
They also found it hilarious to jab me with this sword and belly laughed when I fell over!  I wish that I could bottle up their giggles to keep with me forever.
We are SOOOOO ready for summer!  
The girls are really getting the hang of riding or pushing bikes and love to be outside.
Treyton is really close to ditching his training wheels!
Gavin and I were cold and ready to go in, but Taylor continued to ignore us and continued throwing every small rock she could find off of the cement.
Gavin and I tagged in and out the second he got home so that I could run up to the high school for the grand march.  I snagged some pictures of our favorites to show to Treyton.
He flipped back and forth through their pictures asking who the boys were.  I think he might have been a smidgen jealous.
Such a beauty!!
I ran to Old Navy Sunday morning to attempt to put together some outfits for some upcoming family pictures.  Our local Old Navy continues to let me down and never has what I see online.  :(  I would typically just order online but the girls are in between sizes right now and I didn't want them to be swimming in clothes for pictures.  After some digging, I was able to come up with these options.  My legs are likely way to pale to wear a dress, but the sale was just too good.
Nana and Papa came over to help Gavin plant some trees and let me run to Old Navy.  The show trying on continued.
The girls weren't overly happy that everyone was outside without them so we played on the deck for bit.  They love this slide just as much as Treyton did.  Good work, Santa!
There are two ways to go down the slide apparently.  Tryn just steps off the top and Taylor takes the safer route on her belly.
Such a ham!
I like this option so much better!
And last but certainly not least!  We had all the troops out to help plant trees!
He was out there with them from 10-6 and loved every minute of it!
I am not sure who loved this day more--my dad or Treyton.
He was bound and determined to lift this sledge hammer for my dad.
Such a good weekend and looking forward to the good weather this week.  We've officially picked up another sick bug though and Treyton is fighting off a fever as we speak.  I'm really close to packing up and moving south.  Come on, Mother Nature, help me out--I beg you!!!

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