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 Happy Tuesday, Friends!  I can't say that this is really going to be a "Top 10" as I didn't take a ton of pictures apparently. It was a rainy, snowy, windy weekend at the end of April which kept Gavin home from the farm.  It was a nice little break of solo parenting but I'm also ready for him to just get it all done!
While Trynlee is a fairly clean eater, Taylor is NOT!  She also has grown accustomed to feeding Mya anything that she doesn't want.  On this particular night, she just let Mya eat right off of her fork.  Taylor is soooo funny, guys!  I wish I could bottle up her cheesy little grins and laughs.

We ate up every second of the nice weather Friday night before the winter storm rolled in.  
The girls really like the sidewalk chalk.
We just hung out in the driveway and colored while Treyton played basketball with Jamison and Payton.  Gavin was supposed to be home early but ended up getting hung up at the farm for a while.
He's working hard on learning how to dribble!
They were filthy but oh so happy!  

It snowed/sleeted/rain ALL day on Saturday so we had a really low key day!  We started it off with pancakes and then didn't do much of anything!
The girls have learned how to get up on our fireplace, and this was the grin I got from Taylor after telling her to get down for the 800th time that morning.
Someone ALWAYS gets hurt in these wrestling matches but the girls won't ever back down from a good pig pile.
Treyton and I ran into town quick to get him some new tennis shoes that he could put on by himself.  He really wanted tie shoes for Christmas but he needed some he could easily get on and off.  We may or may not have came home with a pair of Crocs as well.  Gavin wasn't overly impressed to say the least.

Sunday was also really low key and while Gavin went to the farm, the rest of us may have taken a three hour nap.  It felt soooo good!

Mya spends most of her time outside now because she likes to swim in our pond and drag dead animals into our front yard to chew on.  But when she is inside, she loves to get all the snuggles she can.
I finally got all of the Easter stuff put away....other than the eggs.  All three of our kids have LOVED playin with them, and Trynlee is slightly obsessed.  She likes to just climb on in and throw them all out and then proceeds to put them all back in.

That's all I've got!  Have a great day, and I'll be back tomorrow for my goal for the month of MAY!  

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